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The wheels on the bus go round and round. The people on the bus go up and down.   But, does anyone know …article-2154929-1376A9CD000005DC-502_634x350


If I can lay my thoughts down on a page, placing the words just right, perhaps they will tell the story that will help me better understand who I am, and who I am not.

Last week, frustrated during meditation when I couldn’t seem to quiet my thoughts around some particular office drama, I realized when my time was up and I opened my eyes that I had simply been sitting for twenty minutes “thinking with my eyes closed!” With a deep sigh, I concluded that I was still a work in progress, alas, “a mere human” when it came to being addicted to my thoughts, stories and the act of thinking.    How was this possible when I had worked so hard to remember to be present in the moment and in my body?  Was I simply a “Talking Head”?  As Trump would tweet, “FAKE MEDITATION…SO SAD!”

None of us were born “Talking Heads”. In the beginning, we were awakened into an altered state of reality, consciousness seemingly stuffed into a physical body.   After being squished into existence through a tight dark tunnel and landing in these huge slipper hands; we were slapped on the ass and welcomed into this three dimensional mish-mash of existence we call life on Gaia.  Imagine being confined in a small physical existence when we were used to soaring freely through the jungles of space and time as omnificent creator.

When we were babies, until we were around five years old, emotion was our first and only language. Since we couldn’t form thoughts without a language to support these thoughts, we floated around on a cloud of feelings from the surrounding emotional atmosphere.  We had our first taste from the smorgasbord of emotion as early on as the womb.  These feelings were those of our mother; but we adopted them as if they were our own.  They most likely were a “mixed bag of treats” including love, excitement, anxiety, shame and/or fear.  With no way to employ our own special reptilian skills for survival, we had to rely solely on these emotions to tell us when something was wrong, such as there was a lion in the bush or a prehistoric Pterodactyl circling overhead.  A lot of good that would do, however, when helpless, we couldn’t even roll up in our blankets to hide from view.

Slowly, with the waning guidance and support of our friends and guardians from the other side, we got used to the giant “Talking Heads” that were all around us.   Before long we learned we could wrap these big folks around our little baby fingers; and they would come running –most of the time- when we cried. Dependent, we didn’t know who they were; but they seemed to be the only ones who would arrive to help us survive in these new body-vehicles we were test-driving.  On the other hand, they could cause major body damage if they dropped us or shook us to hard; not to mention they could also squash us like a bug if one of them accidentally stepped on us.

As toddlers we were off and running; motoring through life every waking hour.   Each day, we connected and disconnected somewhere around three million neuro-pathways and synapses as we alternately crashed and burned our way through time and space.  We were developing new skills of survival and learning what did and did not work with these new little special buses called physical bodies.  When we got hurt, pooped our pants or were hungry, we cried.  Hopefully, one of the “Talking Heads” would come running to our rescue.   Sometimes these big people would stick their big heads in our face and cooing, put kisses on us with their big lips.  They’d tickle us and then laugh when we laughed, snapping endless pictures so they’d never forget how darned cute we were in their own image.  Subsequently, they also tried to convince their friends and family that we were something special by posting these pictures in cyber space for all the world to see.

Now, I like everyone else, have a very personal and selective memory of my youth. I’d like to preface the following by saying that I realize that we adopt “our story” making it absolute truth when in actuality, it is a story we created initially, oftentimes with the mind of a child, based on very little fact in deed.  Whew, that was a mouth-full.  Most of us then live and relive our story, creating and re-creating people and outcomes over time that will actualize what we believe to be true; that is until we can recognize our stories as just that, “a story”.  At that point, walah, we may then be capable of extracting the truth from our story and alchemizing any past suffering.

Now I’m at a turning point,  I can choose whether to write “The End” or I can continue to share my story in spite of the fact that I know most of it is conjecture.  Although, because I started a story that like a dangling participle didn’t even make it through all of the conflict, introduce the characters, or even enjoy a climax, or resolution, I don’t feel complete.  Thus, please stay tuned for Part II of Who’s Driving the Bus.sign

To be continued…



THE GOLDEN EGG- Conclusion


I had dinner with a very strongly opinionated local French girl who had a near death experience.  She said, “you probably meditate all wrong”.  My ego reacted with self righteous indignation, “how dare she!”  I explained, politely for the most part,  that she was obviously full of shit because I had learned from the best of the best.  And, every day for years I did this routine…20 minutes, incense and candles, emptying my mind..blah blah blah.  She said you’re just chasing the good feelings, the light (well, who wouldn’t want to do that, that’s the point, right?); but what about really feeling the dark shadow side?”  (These are my words, not her exact words).  

I’m thinking, where you focus is what your reality becomes.  Where your energy level is, is the place from which you create your thoughts, emotions, your projections, your reality.   Well, they say, when you’re ready, the teacher appears.  I seem to have a flock of them, dropping out of the sky, showing up at the end of my driveway or from behind the barn.  I pay attention to some of them right away and others….maybe I have an “Aha” moment a year or two later.

…For example, a year ago, I met this stranger on an airplane.  He referred a book to me that had some “aha” things that I felt were important for me to know at this time. Ironically, a year ago I was not yet at this point, which is probably why I carried his note around for months, even losing it from time to time.   Only recently had I become intrigued with examining Big Love, to find my version of the “Golden Egg”. 

I found the referred book to be all Quantum and combined Eastern and Western Philosophies.  It spoke more specifically to the interplay of light and darkness, and other dualities that cause chaos within ourselves and in our Universe….

The book that Airplane guy wrote down for me was “The Science and Practice of Humility” by Jason Gregory.  It turns out that Jason is a teacher and international speaker specializing in the fields of Eastern and Western philosophy, comparative religion, metaphysics, and ancient cultures, studying the masters in Buddhism, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Hinduism, and Taoism and produced the Sacred Sound of Creation.”  I have gathered and would like to share some concepts as I understood them, as well as excerpts from his book.  I found it all quite interesting and believe it to be my next stepping stone in my search for “Big Love.”

Jason Gregory says, “The mind is like a paint brush and the world we see is our canvas.  Mental alchemy is the art of manifestation, which is not as simple as thinking glorious thoughts.  Throughout the ages these teachings have given rise to the illusion that we can create our own reality by just focusing on what we want.  That is only an attempt to gain something in the material world to boost and perpetuate the ego.  It maintains the illusion of separation.  A mental projection coming from the ego won’t be what we truly want or need.  Such delusions will not result in the manifestation of our conscious projections.  In such a case attention will not be focused in one place, and there will be no force behind it to become a reality.  Those who attempt to create their own reality from the egotistical side of their psyche are no better than those who are not aware that they create their own reality.  Both are contributing to a collective projection of chaos and entropy because their mental states are not focused in one direction.”

The core of our spiritual awareness is to know that the universe is not separate from us but we are joined as one living, breathing conscious organism.  If we are the eyes of the universe, we see that all of the war and discord on one level is actually harmony on a higher level.  The chaos is necessary and is the rhythm of the eternal harmony.


Physical Relationship Relative to Subatomic Particles:

Most of our problems throughout the cosmos originate from our not understanding how subatomically our world is connected to our thoughts and emotions.  “Subatomic particles are controlled by the mental plane of consciousness, which creates the physical world.”  Thus we create the reality we experience, every moment of it.  We are distracted by ego, which focuses on the inauthentic “love and light” and wants only to experience pleasant realities.

Physical Projection and Mental Alchemy::

If we can understand the energetic world, we will begin to understand why certain situations and events cross our paths.  Soon we will gain a deeper knowing and intuition.  The physical world is only energy driven and shaped from the mental plane by the energy of the mind.  Magnetic opposites, the physical and mental planes exist under a universal law that allows one to flow to the other.

“Physical matter is condensed energy formed and created by the force of the mind.  The wisdom traditions of eternity know we create our own reality…..focusing their energy on the mental plane toward conscious manifestation, they created an ancient science known as ‘mental alchemy.’  Alchemy is the science of turning mental thoughts into golden projections upon the physical world or, in other words, turning the lead of the ego into gold.”

To find out who you are, you can use the art of mental alchemy  by exploring your consciousness to discover the things that are natural to your inner being.  “Then your energy will naturally flow toward that passion and then your art will be expressed on the physical plane – hence you create your own reality.  One of the main goals in mental alchemy is exactly this discover of one’s purpose, which leads one down the path toward deeper realization of the true self that unfolds like a flower.”


Focusing on Love and Light is not the answer:

He says,  that individuals who believe they are creating their own reality by just focusing on ‘love and light’ while ignoring our darker aspects of being, are contributing to the disruption and chaos. “The result of ignorance within our being is that the subatomic world we create manifests as the physical world in a perpetual state of war.  This stimulates a deep fear of all life, which maintains the illusion of separation.  War is nothing more than a symptom of an individual’s conditional psyche projected into the physical plane.”

Duality and the price we pay in our search for Pleasure only:

We are focused on the illusion, as human beings, of being separate.  This breeds fear but fear is not the enemy.  Fear can be a guide to become more humble.  We do not want to feel fear or pain, so we control that instinct by seeking pleasure.  This is a control based on duality and denies that the existence of both pain and pleasure are not really separate feelings.  Pain can only exist because we know pleasure and vice versus.

If we truly knew this and were able to genuinely embrace both, then we would not be gripped by fear and pain.  When we identify with pleasure, we then cling to it, trying to hold on; but this only contributes to a form of suffering.  In actuality, the moment we seek to hold on, we have lost the pleasure of being in that moment of pleasure.  We become so attuned to the false ego that this creates the disharmonic state of mankind.

Healing Chaos:

We want to believe that the chaos of the world –such as political, social, or religious–can be rectified leading us to our next evolutionary step.  Evolution is dependent upon the growth of the individual and not the order of a society.  Dwelling within the body-mind state of consciousness, we are trying to heal a chaotic world with a chaotic mind.  When we believe they we are the identity of ego, we believe in separation.  Separation is the seed of chaos.   The flaw exists in all of us and our world is a reflection of that.


Most of us do not understand that we are part of Earth, not separate from it.  That belief is apparent today more than ever as we challenge, insult and destroy our planet, our home, thinking of it as a place to live without truly knowing that it is ‘conscious intelligence’.  Ego is a manufactured mental program that operates within most sentient beings, keeping the physical plane in a state of chaos. We see the planet in a narrow form and don’t see ourselves as an integral part of a grand planetary unfoldment.   “Ego is the ultimate extension of a planetary system’s sensitivity” but cannot see that the universe is constantly unfolding.  Nothing begins and nothing ends. It just changes.

We accept the illusion that the source of the universe and eternity are found outside of our consciousness in the external world.  This includes socially accepted slavery through transactions to obtain what we call money.  This makes us even more separate in what often appears to be a dog eat dog world.

Duality and Ego Transcendence:

“The duality existing within the mental framework is built on the premise that there is the false ego and the true self.  The problem with this view is the fact that the ego does not exist.  Many people who tread the path of spiritual cultivation make a common mistake in this view of their own mental framework-after identifying the ego chattering within their head, they set out to battle against it.  Some arrogantly set off to transcend the mind, not realizing that nothing is more egotistic than that.”

To transcend the mind, we must empty our mind in order to reestablish connection with the spiritual plane.  This is the only space where duality no longer exists and opposites within and without dissolve.

Separation and Conflict:

“Humility allows the universe to be what it is, looking upon it with the same clarity as the child who sees the world with no boundaries. As the dance of chaos continues, the humble individual is unfazed, as they do not doubt their own experience.  The idea that the world needs to be saved is a conditional opinion, based on our fears and anxieties, which feed our ego.  The opinion of one is the opposite of another, which fuels conflict.”


It’s Bigger than carnal Love:

Throughout the ages, a collective parasite has infected us with the illusion that carnal love is real love.” Believing that our animal drives are love suppresses the evolution of consciousness.”  True Love is limitless and sexual desire is a distant cousin which only ties us to the animal kingdom.

Conditional vs. Unconditional Love:

“Loving an individual or some object is conditioned by ideas and opinions about how the other and object should be”.  This is not the attuned and receptive nature of the universe, thus it cannot be humility or love.  “What love truly is cannot be experienced unless one is humbly receptive to all experience.”  When we finally truthfully realize that love is unconditional, and not bound by the limitations of our judgments, only then can we let go of the common conceptual idea of love.  In the great work of eternity, if we can truly let love go, then our real love will become present. False love is also a symptom of the illusion that the great work of eternity is in the external world.”

Every person who I’ve met that has experienced a “Near Death Experience” or every NDE’r who’s book I have read, talks about the profound understanding that all of us are connected and how they can suddenly telepathically understand everyone else.

Jason says, “One of the resulting insights into consciousness is that even though individuals appear separate from all life in the physical plane, we are more intrinsically interwoven into the fabric of matter than we can imagine.  In this pure seeing we can gain knowledge that we are not only an integral part of the cosmos, but are in truth the eyes and the ears of the cosmos and planet Earth.”

From Lao-tzu’s eternal scripture the Tao Te Ching, on Duality

When people see some things as beautiful,

other things become ugly.

When people see some things as good,

other things become bad.

Being and no-being create each other.

Difficult and easy support each other.

Long and Short define each other.

High and low depend on each other.

Before and after follow each other.

Therefore the Master

acts without doing anything

and teaches without saying anything.

Things arise and she lets them come;

things disappear and she lets them go.

She has but doesn’t possess,

acts but don’t expect.

When her work is done, she forgets it.

That is why it lasts forever. 














…A year ago, I met this stranger on an airplane….

He was a handsome man about my age.  He sat by the window listening to music and didn’t look up as I crawled clumsily over the isle guy, falling into the middle seat next to him.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m about the same in airplanes as elevators, not especially social; but he didn’t even glance up for a perfunctory “hello.”

In mid-flight, I was trying to get my book out of my carry-on under the seat in front of me.  Of course, the seat in front of me was by now in a ‘laid back relax’ mode.   We all know what that means.  When you try to reach your bag, you can’t get your head forward enough without hitting the seat in front of you; so you either need monkey arms or you need to be flexible like a contortionist.  Struggling, I believe my head was practically in Airplane guys lap before he finally took his ear buds out.

We exchanged about five minutes of small talk; maybe ten.  Isn’t it funny that this is how it happens, some of the profound moments of your life?  Speaking of profound, during that time I must have said something insightful because he admitted he hated talking to people on the airplane.  He said that whatever I had said changed his view about something that apparently impacted him deeply.  Whatever it was, I’m sure it was ‘of me” but not “from me’ as I have no recollection of what I might have said. He then told me to pick up a copy of a book. He scribbled the title of this book on a tiny, itsy bitsy yellow stick um pad.  With a flourish he added his email address below it and reattached his ear buds to his head.  I was flattered and always thought I might email him.  Secretly, I think he hoped I would too.

About a year later, I discovered that little scrap of paper in one of my purses, along with all kinds of other notes and random cards, most of which meant absolutely nothing to me by then.  After scrutiny I remembered from whence this particular yellow sticky note originated.  By now it was ‘mile weary’ with lint, lip gloss and other purse goo on it.  I could just barely make out the title of the book let alone his email address. Alas, romance must have not been in the stars. It must have been all about “the book”.

Nonetheless, I stuck the note on my office desk for a few more months in a “to-do” stack that I usually shuffle around occasionally until I can finally just discard it. One day, with my hand paused over the trash can, Spirit said, “Just order that darned book already!” So I did.  It must be incredibly frustrating trying to get people on the physical plane to do things that would actually help them ‘evolve’. First my Spirit Guide had to imprint Airplane guy’s mind, “tell her about the book-you know the one.”  Then Spirit had to implant the idea that I should clean out my purse, something no one wants to do. Finally, my mind needed to be imprinted one more time before I actually ordered the book. Let’s just call this concept Synchronicity even though it may just be a popular anti-coincidence theory.

About this same time, out of nowhere, like most things I write about, I started excavating a piece I called “What’s Love Got to Do with It”?  Man, I must have re-envisioned, re-structured and rewritten that thing a million times over three months.  Love is such a big topic that the entire project just became unwieldy; after all, purportedly Love is all there is. Finally, I realized that even though I knew a lot about love, not necessarily all the good kinds, that the love I really wanted to know about now was “the BIG love that only God knew.”  I was ready to leap in with both feet to become a ‘Big Love’ expert. Problem was, I had no idea how to get there from where I was.

Ironically, though, while I was writing “What’s Love Got to Do with It?” it seemed like every week (or day) some random person or source would say, “You can’t love someone else until you love yourself.”  The first couple of times I thought, “Whatever!”  Then I began to think, “What the heck is going on here?” For example, some guy I barely knew passed me in the hall at the movie theatre coming from the men’s room while I exited the ladies room. “Hey, how are you?” Within two sentences he mentioned he was visiting his daughter and out of the blue she had asked him, “Dad, do you love yourself?” This caused a conversation to ensue, of course. Coincidence? I don’t think so.  Curious and Curiouser.

Actually, that whole love yourself cliché always kind of pissed me off, to be honest. Deep down, I was a pretty harsh critic when it came to me. Twenty years ago, when this cliché theory originated, I remember looking in the mirror like Stuart Smalley taught us on Saturday Nite Live. He would say, “I’m good enough. I’m smart enough and dog gone it, people like me.”   With tenderness, I looked into my eyes in the reflection of a hand held mirror and said, “I love you.” My higher self must have been out flying around the universe so Ego took the call. Not buying it, instantly I hear that annoying voice, “Jeesh, when is the last time you plucked your eyebrows anyway?”

A few months ago I was chatting with my son through a psychic, which occasionally I do one anniversary date or another. He was apologizing for sending crazy people (as he called them) my way because he thought somehow I could help them. I said, “Chad, instead of ‘crazies’, why don’t you send me someone to love?   A boyfriend perhaps? It’s been a really long time and it would be nice to have someone authentic to love.” What do you think Chad said? “I’ll work on that but first”….(you got it)…. “You have to love yourself.” “Damn it, really? Arrrggh!” The psychic laughed and said, “I knew you were going to hate that”; but she did give me a good parting tip. She said, “Start out by making love an action” (verb instead of noun). “It’ll catch on and grow.”

So here I am, searching for Big Love. I had no experience with how to really go about loving myself.  Furthermore, I strongly surmised that the big love that I was now seeking was a whole lot bigger and, maybe even simpler then the convoluted conditional kind that I had known while walking around in my flesh suit.

During this time, I was called to go see Anita Moorijani, author of “Dying to Be Me”, when she visited Denver. Afraid of cancer her entire life, she did everything healthy to avoid getting it. Ironically, she died while in a coma after all of her organs shut down after a long battle with cancer. She flat lined. When she came back into her body, one of the messages she had been given from the ‘other side’, where time doesn’t exist, was to share that our purpose here on this planet is to learn how to love ourselves. I would add to that, loving ourselves throughout every experience life has to offer; the good, the bad and the ugly. There it is, officially gospel. OK, ok, I got it! But how do you do it and how long is this gonna take? I bet there are secrets, Jedi Mind tricks, in this new book that Airplane guy turned me on to. By the way, Anita recovered miraculously from her cancer completely in just a few weeks.

Since I write as an exercise of discovery, I’m sharing just in case the concept of love is befuddling to you too. I know there are a lot of people out there that have this one ‘all figured out’. They are the same ones that keep telling me to go into the light. I spent a lifetime looking in all the wrong places for sure.

So, that’s the back story about how my latest topic the Golden Egg came about.   Alchemy feels like giving birth and if I’m lucky, it just might be a HOT molten Golden Egg or maybe a Nugget would be good. Therefore, I hope the book has some important and interesting messages for us on physicality and “What Love has Got to do with it.” Stay tuned for the conclusion (Part III) of the Golden Egg.

Until then, I’ll leave you with this thought provoking piece from ― Jack Kerouac

“I have lots of things to teach you now, in case we ever meet, concerning the message that was transmitted to me under a pine tree in North Carolina on a cold winter moonlit night. It said that Nothing Ever Happened, so don’t worry. It’s all like a dream. Everything is ecstasy, inside. We just don’t know it because of our thinking-minds. But in our true blissful essence of mind is known that everything is alright forever and forever and forever. Close your eyes, let your hands and nerve-ends drop, stop breathing for 3 seconds, listen to the silence inside the illusion of the world, and you will remember the lesson you forgot, which was taught in immense milky way soft cloud innumerable worlds long ago and not even at all. It is all one vast awakened thing. I call it the golden eternity. It is perfect. We were never really born, we will never really die. It has nothing to do with the imaginary idea of a personal self, other selves, many selves everywhere: Self is only an idea, a mortal idea. That which passes into everything is one thing. It’s a dream already ended. There’s nothing to be afraid of and nothing to be glad about. I know this from staring at mountains months on end. They never show any expression, they are like empty space. Do you think the emptiness of space will ever crumble away? Mountains will crumble, but the emptiness of space, which is the one universal essence of mind, the vast awakenerhood, empty and awake, will never crumble away because it was never born.”







…but I’d damned sure like to!  My spiritual evolution has felt a lot like I imagine a goose feels trying to pop an egg or two out every day.  It probably takes focus.  In order to make an egg, you have to practice some sustaining daily processes, like eating grass or laying in it.  You probably have to go sit on a nest or a meditation cushion because it’s hard to lay an egg when you’re running around like a mad goose, honking at people that get in your space.  It might be a little uncomfortable at times.  You might get up and craning your neck, take a peek at your new offspring, the result of all of your hard labor, only to see a white or brown egg instead of a Golden one.  With a sigh you might say, “God, with all of this work, shouldn’t there at least be some Gold speckles in this stupid egg?”


So, I’m beginning to get a strong hint that I’m just about one hundred and eighty degrees off on all of my self help, self love, healing practices.  Or maybe as “Grasshoppers”, we have to take certain baby hops in order to see the over the next hill?  I’ve taken years of classes about energy and energy work.  I spent thousands of dollars sitting on my ass on a little hard pillow while most people experience life from the outside in (one of God’s other plans) by going sightseeing and sky or deep sea diving around the world.  Ok, I did get to see some pretty awesome countries… I just wanted you to feel sorry for me.

If someone asks, I’d say, “yes, I meditate every day for at least twenty minutes”.  Well, mostly that’s true.  I light the candles and incense (did you know that the purpose of incense is to clear energy fields?  I was told that in India last year by the Monk I was studying under.  Who knew-I just thought it smelled good and put me in a good mood).  Some days my little timer goes off and I open my eyes to the sudden and disappointing  realization that I just sat there and thought for twenty minutes with my eyes closed.

Ego….you can’t live with it and you can’t survive without it.  It’s like a neurotic roommate following you around from room to room.  A running commentary on everything.  “Oh look at the snow.  Shit, I have to shovel… late to work  again….you can’t afford…blah blah blah.”  Commenting on everything, every move I make,  judging me (“why are you eating that?”, talking incessantly through an entire movie (“this movie sucks, you know how it’s going to end.  Turn the channel…now!!”)  But that’s another story for another day.

Here’s what I’ve discovered as my next very important big step to the moon.  Perhaps you saw hints of this in my post for “Rocketman Love”.  White is made up of all colors and darkness is a part of the light….a big part.  So, I’ve surrounded myself by many self promoting “Spiritualists” who have a lot of advice for others.  It’s easy to see all the shit I do wrong-even I can see it.  What I’ve been hearing them say is such things as, “Thoughts are things.  Watch your thoughts.  You will create what you believe you deserve not what you deserve.  Negative thoughts will create a negative reality”, etc.  OK I got that!  And, I think that’s true.

About a year ago, God upped the ante, suggested my next “hop” on the way to the Golden Egg.  I had dinner with a very strongly opinioned local French girl who had a near death experience, not at dinner but skiing in Vail when she was young.  She said, “you probably meditate all wrong”.  My ego reacted with self righteousness, “how dare she!”  As I explained, politely for the most part,  that she was full of shit because every day I did this routine…blah blah blah.  She said you’re chasing the good feelings, the light (well, who wouldn’t want to do that, that’s the point, right?); but what about really feeling the dark shadow side?”  (These are my words, not her exact words).   I’m thinking where you focus is what your reality becomes.  Where your energy level is, is the place from which you create your thoughts, emotions, your projections, your reality.   Well, they say, when you’re ready, the teacher appears.  I seem to have a flock of them, dropping out of the sky, showing up at the end of my driveway or behind the barn.  I pay attention to some of them right away and others….maybe I have an “Aha” moment a year or two later.

A year ago, I met this stranger on an airplane….”stay tuned for THE GOLDEN EGG.”  You won’t want to miss this.




With a sharp inhale

Spirit breathed in your first breath

I hugged you tight as you cried out in my arms

All shiny new, pink and wrinkled

Your Quantum flesh suit was far too large

Yet infinitely too small to contain you

For you were always bigger than life

In this foreign land of ours


One of a myriad of Indigos

You were an intrepid way-shower of light

You would sing the songs of many voices

And hear silence in Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Standing so close you could touch it

You saw through the ethereal veil

You painted its picture for us to see

God’s love, a love that would prevail


Fearlessly, you lived on the Edge

A destiny you would not survive

It exhilarated and beckoned to you

It was the place where you felt most alive

And as you inhaled the view of your life

Precariously you walked its fine line


Younger, you once saw yourself in a dream

A silhouette teetering alone on the edge

The voice of Demons snarled your name

Caught between illusions of life and death

Life as you knew it crumbled, then shattered

As your silhouette took one last step

The step you couldn’t take back

As your shadow slipped from the ledge


On spinning wheels of sacred truth

You wove threads of Loneliness and Connection

Hand in hand you walked with bliss and agony

An Empath, you felt everyone’s emotions

So young, so many Lovers, so many Strangers

Who you will never meet

Yet your story survives, and you live on

 In a Legacy you can’t supersede


The Devil thrusts forth his greedy claw

Vulnerability and suffering has its price

Shame overwhelms the Hero

And you make the ultimate sacrifice

Sometimes strength is too much to bear

You wrote “Death before Dishonor”

As you reached deep to pay your due share


Spirit would once more come

 To intercept your final breath

You were so young, alone and scared

As you stepped trembling from that ledge

 Flying felt a little like falling at first

But on Elliptical wings you would soar

Diving and gliding on the thermals

Winds of Change carried you home once more


And for me, I’m left sifting through the ashes

Tracing through lifetimes for human truth

Revelers in the face of duality,

Always thirsty for something new

Lusting for delicious ambiguity

We hear Maya’s melodic call anew


This life will end for all us one day,

Hopefully, we gave it our best

It gave us everything we believed we deserved

When we go, what will we leave it?

What is the measure of the gift of life

In-between the two breaths of Spirit






What’s the Matter?

Hello God, are you in here somewhere?


A single wave lapped the shores of Infinity
Consciousness birthed from above
Longing to know itself experientially
Arising from the great Sea of Love

Creator of it ALL, names irrelevant
Our Father throned on High
The singular without a plural
Yahweh, Mother Earth, Father Sky


Thus, physicality infused the Cosmos
Mystical in its Grace
Swirling atoms, galaxies and Stardust
Neurons firing in empty space


24 trillion miles to the stars
A spinning planet, our domain
Billions of stars light the Milky Way
While Billions of Neurons fire our brains

Black holes and exploding stars
Inhabit our Outer Space
The Mind, as close as our next thought
A most mystical Inner place

mind 2

Energy in motion
E-Motion of intimacy and Grace
The Mind, the Great I AM
Disguised in the Human Race

We explore Genes, DNA and Atoms
Beyond “those eyes” of awe
Yet, the “Mind” and the Universe” remain
The greatest mysteries of all


God forgot so we could remember
Authentic Self knows the truth
The great desire of the Infinite
To find the Fountain of Youth

To feel the touch of skin against skin
The sun upon his face
To stare up at the stars at night
and find peace in that space

Lust and love, a feast of chemistry
an  electrifying, passionate kiss
Lonely tears trace a path of heartache
For the love she’ll always miss


Pain, a great catalyst for Wisdom
After the Perfect Storm
Wisdom promises peace thereafter
Or when the Heart returns Home

Unconditional love, a delusion
Narcistic love our fate
Overused, the words hold no meaning
I’m sorry,” comes too late

The magnificence of the Paradigm
A grand Matrix of Delusion
Physicality laced with emotion
The ultimate Illusion

Still, the secret of life eludes us
While we look to Outer Space
The answer lies within our hearts
The colossal Leap of Faith


All connected to one another
By a web of Photo-protons
We feel the energy of those on Earth
As well as those beyond

Heaven and Earth, the Masterpiece
The Artist, still a Mystery?
Evolution, a Theory in Crisis
As God smiles Knowingly


Oh, for the drama of it all!”

And God said, “Whatever IS the Matter?  It’s ALL good!”



The Soul Dance




You and I met before we were born

 We sought each other on the other side

Yearning to create Heaven in Density

Mother Earth ascends more rapidly now 

Shaking and shuttering, she expels negativity

Her fury manifesting catastrophes in her wake

Swirling quarks of water and oxygen

Energy folds onto itself in infinite wisdom

 With a splat, we belly flop into physicality


  Exploring Soul purposes in a 3-D dream

 Our spirits soared blissfully through star lit universes

Tethered buoyancy by a silver thread

God sees himself in our eyes

Feels her pureness beating in our hearts

She breathes our first breath as he sighs our last

Actors wait anxiously behind the closed veil

for the dance of a lifetime

Freewill, the music of the soul

God and Satan, dueling puppeteers

Sorceresses, villains, leaders and sheep

Entangled to one another in a cosmic flash

Gunshots fired by the quiet ones

The innocent, unloved or unheard

That neighbors never suspect

Anger and Love the universal solvents

While darkness fights for its power

 Love has only to remember

We play small, forgetting our greatness

Seeking lightness outside, not within

“Hush, choose love…. listen to the warm”

We will hear his call once more

As she  whispers us home she asks

 ” And, how did you like Heaven?”





Once Upon A Time…
In the Garden of Good and Evil…

She bit into the crisp apple
Even a Goddess couldn’t resist
The “CrunchhHH” echoed around the world
Duality born out of bliss


Good clashed against evil
Your God challenged mine
Big Bang opposed Evolution
In the Jungles of Space and Time

Religious leaders heard the ‘voice’ of God
Lambs followed without a clue
Dogmas, power, greed and murder
To protect those chosen few

From the Bleachers of Corporal Existence
Viewed through lens of distortion
Hate tackled love with poignancy
Emotion of epic proportion

 Ego, once Servant to the Warrior Heart
Now seduced by the song of Sirens
Believes its mindless chatter and story
While Heart now serves the Tyrant

Whose voice causes Ego to tremble with worry?
Like an abused dog beaten and shamed
It’s job to protect its Master
It’s demeanor wary and afraid

How can we understand being human
Ego, separate and alone
Tethered like a Kite in a Hurricane
God patiently outwaits the storm

Ego, trapped in imperfection
Anxiety under Constraint
Secrets of psyche in a World gone Mad
Society with so little restraint

Spirit co-existing with Ego
The Intrepid Survivor masked
Why hast thou forsaken me?”
Broken, he cried out at last


We are each a spark of the creator, 
Spiritual Awareness made Manifest 
We are all connected to each other and
to the souls of animals and Mother Earth

We are designed to live in our hearts with our minds as observer

Input from our body adds to our field of experience

Our shared reality creates our surroundings

We are limitless with no boundaries or separation from each other

We are born in flesh to enrich our sense awareness; energy made corporeal

We are here to enjoy, use and express through a body in order to aid in expansion of our individual and collective consciousness

Vision of Human Existence

I Am the Great ‘I AM’

Spirit creates so that it may know itself. The body, a virtual suit for experiencing spirit, is aware of future occurrences and creates and sends feedback to spirit through electro   vibrations. Spirit can’t taste chocolate, see a sunset or feel the thrill of  emotions or adrenaline when you fall in love or go skydiving without this three dimensional perception of reality.

We may have life contracts at birth, choosing to experience certain things and always we are creating and recreating our reality.  It may be that we, all various selves, are living many simultaneous lifetimes at once since ‘time’ is a function of our 5 senses and a 3-D reality. We can draw on all of these experiences right now in the present.

Other levels of psychic activity and knowledge are available only when you disconnect your experiences from neuronal structure allowing you to discover other probable selves and realities.

Nerve pattern activity causes an illusion of a present, which is our point of power where  we can change past and future neuronally.

Future events are your selection of probable events from your potential ones causing them  to be perceived at present.

All future events exist simultaneously but many occurrences speed by too quickly for neuronal structure, jumping nerve endings too quickly to experience. Again, perception of a future event is chosen based on law of attraction of our beliefs.

Our ‘beliefs’ cause us to attract and permit entry of certain events through our physical perception or neuronal wiring and synapses- it then seems to become the past. These future events remain as a part of your potentiality, and do not become a part of your present perception. The past is still occurring as the ‘drag’ leaps synapses but is not physically recorded.

You only experience portions with your corporeal structure, yet the structure records them. The cells retain their memory though you do not perceive it. Thoughts and emotions are energy. In the moment, impressions pass by the senses and are recorded in the consciousness experientially. The energy then passes and the next event enters.

When an impression triggers a belief or stored energy pattern, however, it causes a change in energy flow through the mind/heart. This focus causes the energy to become constricted, circling around itself. Holding the energy requires additional energy, all of which becomes a big energy blockage.

The mind tries to release an energy blockage by focusing and thinking about the event. If that doesn’t work, the heart tries to release the energy emotionally. Any blockage that remains unreleased in the present becomes stored in incredible detail in the heart. A future trigger will surface at some point in the future, and there will be another opportunity for release. These blockages are very unhealthy emotionally, mentally and physically.


Our Spirit, our Over-Soul or Accumulative Soul, a spark of the Great ‘I AM’ Has incarnated many lifetimes and is comprised of our Subconscious Mind and our Conscious Mind.     

Subconscious or Involuntary Mind

Our subconscious mind takes care of our internal body functions by monitoring the division and replication of cells and the few millions of things each cell does per second to function. This would include: respiration, adjusting body temperatures, processing nutrients, eliminating wastes and knowing what every other cell is doing  simultaneously. Note: extracted cells in a Petri dish react and identify with those in body, i.e., reacting to a cut to your finger or emotions and stress.  In today’s society, we don’t connect with this physical reality as well as we could.

We treat our body as separate from us. Our mind, we think of it as belonging to ‘us’. Our body has its own intelligence and is always seeking balance and healing.

The subconscious or involuntary mind is connected to the Limbic System, which cues us with an emotional tag to deeply buried beliefs, experiential  as well as underlying beliefs and concepts from childhood  that have become hardwired into our brains.  Emotion, our first language before we developed thought, is the key that can unlock our subconscious and help us to shift beliefs that are sabotaging our visions.  If we can check in with our emotions, they will cue us as to the vibrational level of our subconscious thoughts at that particular moment.

An average person has sixty to seventy thousand thoughts each day, 80% of which we had the day before.  Most of us are being subconsciously guided approximately 95% of the time by thoughts we are not even aware are playing in our minds (old tapes).   Consciously, we are only focusing on  5% of the thoughts that cross our neurons through synapses.

The Conscious Mind
is inner Spiritual awareness focused or turned outward toward world events.

It’s job is to perceive

The Conscious mind is the Observer for Spirit. It observes what we have created individually and collectively. The Conscious Mind does not die with the body as do the ego and physical brain.  The Ego and brain are a part of the Conscious Mind and are used by the mind as its tools for processing and vision. Spirit relies on the Brain and Rational mind (Ego) to provide a 3 dimensional focus through our 5 senses, translating channeled sensual information into physical reality.

The Conscious Mind is a conduit of intuition from Spirit, receiving insights and intuition from the Subconscious mind and from Spirit.  The mind also projects thoughts and reoccurring thoughts (beliefs) outward, creating the living picture of you. Conscious as well as unconscious thoughts alter your physical reality. Your focus changes throughout life.

Difficulties arise when the Conscious Mind becomes rigid. In order to create joyous expressions in flesh, you must clear your Conscious  Mind to receive  deeper spiritual awareness and knowledge of the great ‘I AM’. The Conscious Mind examines underlying beliefs from childhood and outside beliefs in order to provide an opening  to its true creativeness.          

The Conscious Mind is Home to the Rational Mind or Ego-

The Body is Home to the Physical Brain

  Ego provides a 3-D focus, defining ‘time’ and a physical reality.  It channels information from the Conscious Mind in order to view its reality in the physical world

Spirit looks outward into the world through the Conscious Mind or inner psyche much as your eye looks outward from the body.  While they are both a tool of vision, just as the eye cannot see itself, neither can the Conscious Mind. While a surgeon can locate the brain, nowhere is he able to find the exact location of the ‘mind’.  The brain is the physical counter part of the mind.  It connects the Soul and intellect to the body, making the nonphysical a physical reality.  The nerve pattern activity causes illusions of a present.

The mind depends on the brain. A healthy brain has some 200 billion neurons. The brain requires up to 20% of the body’s energy despite being only 2% of the human body by weight.  Consequently, any imbalances or drugs that affect the brain, including prescribed as well as illegal, will most certainly create problems for the mind and deaden the creativity and freedom of our spirit selves.

Because your brain is exposed to thousands of stimuli, including but not limited to auditory, visual, and neuro-sensory, it can’t possibly process all of this information as it comes in.  A lot of the tagging and archiving of memories occur at night while you’re sleeping since the brain never sleeps.  Memory tests show that only four or five hours of sleep will affect this process and ultimately your memory recall.

The brain has two complete separate hemispheres, the left and right.  In fact, within scientific circles, there is a new map of the brain incorporating the top and bottom of the brain in the “theory of cognitive modes”.  These hemispheres do not work one part at a time; they are interactive and together in concert are capable of communicating with each other through the Corpus Callosum and its three hundred million axonal fibers.  Within our mind we have a potential for higher mathematics, complex physics, art and amazing richness of thoughts, feelings and sensations.

Our traditional educational methods, curriculum and exam focus ensures that we emphasize development of the linear left brain.    If you look closely, you will see that oftentimes  the children that exhibit spectrums of ADD, Bipolar, Dyslexia and Autism; each highly intelligent in their own way; have trouble filtering out all of the extraneous information that is not required to strictly identify them with a  3-D existence.  These individuals are more of the universe than the world and struggle to fit in to either.

Below is the popular left brain right brain model.  In general, the left brain thinks and cares about different things and processes information totally differently from the right brain.

Left Brain

  • Private
  • Yang
  • Male Energy
  • Positive pole
  • Analytical Linear

Right Brain

  • Holistic, unity & idealistic
  • Ying
  • Feminine Energy
  • Negative Pole
  • Feelings & emotions
  • See beyond temporal life


The left brain takes the sensory input of the right brain and processes that information in a linear fashion into past and future perceptions.  It picks out details, and details about those details, categorizes them and associates them to what we’ve learned in our past and projects them into our future.  The left brain thinks in language.  It is the constant chatter that connects us from our internal world to our external world.  It is the intelligence that organizes things we need to do now or tomorrow.  It perceives a different reality, that of “I am” as separate from each other and being in a physically dense body.



The right brain is all about the present moment, here and now.  It thinks in pictures and learns through kinesthetic awareness through the movement of our bodies. It receives information in the form of energy which streams in through all of our various sensory systems, exploding into an enormous collage of what this present moment looks, sounds, tastes, smells and feels like.  It senses energy and being a part of the larger whole or connected to Spirit.

Mammals have always relied on inbred instinct.  It became necessary for man, in order to survive, to develop rational thinking.  This rational thinking in partnership with the brain defines our lives through our senses and keeps us in physical reality.  Free will became a function of Ego and guilt became a measure of control for it, creating beliefs.

Beliefs are the ‘filters’ through which the Conscious Mind looks outward through Ego.  Oftentimes, Ego can block awareness, interpret, ignore or stuff input that it receives from the Conscious Mind.  For the most part, the Conscious Mind, Spirit, has taken a back seat to Ego in today’s Society.  It was meant for us to be in a three dimensional physicality with a remembrance of our true identity but our egos developed stronger than our intuition over time.

Just as your mind cannot be located within your brain, neither can thoughts.  Thoughts, moving at the speed of light, are energy and reside in the virtual domain of true potentiality.  Action potential, Neurotransmitters and contraction are all a result of thought.

Beliefs are Ego’s clouds on your Conscious Mind.  Beliefs are thoughts that you just keep thinking until they become a hardwired path in your brain. This is essentially what we refer to as emotional baggage that we drag along with us into every relationship, job and situation.  These beliefs form your self image and define your concepts of what is and isn’t possible for you.  You only choose what you feel in accordance with and utilize psychological characteristics that you believe you possess chosen from a variety of selves.

Ego dies with the body and fights to maintain a world in which it believes it has control.  Originally it was intended that we follow our heart and the Ego would be a servant to our heart for the purpose of survival.  Ego records occurrences, imaginary and real, and warns us with an emotion of fear or contraction as to any perceived danger physically and/or psychologically. This perceived danger real or imagined, includes things that the Ego has not yet experienced as well as real danger which it came to know through experience or even through our DNA evolutionally.  While it is  our reptilian ally, Ego also keeps us stuck in ways that may not serve us.  Ego tends to stick with what it “knows”, even if what it knows is painful psychologically, rather than risking the unknown.

Unlike Spirit, Ego promotes beliefs in separateness and aloneness versus connection and oneness. It perceives your thoughts as your reality.  Beliefs are intellectual and have emotional tags that tie good and bad circumstances together.  Beliefs are screening and directing agents which define your concepts of what is or isn’t possible for you.  Most often you will unconsciously follow your subconscious expectations without any realization that you are doing so.  In order to discover what your underlying beliefs are,  follow your emotions and they will lead you there.

If you are experiencing feelings of fear, worry, anxiety, jealousy or pride, these lower vibrational emotions- contraction- are telling you that you are out of sync with your true self or higher self -expansion.  This is your opportunity, in the moment, to choose.  Do you wish to continue feeling resistance and out of resonance or will you change your thoughts to be more in accordance with your higher self?

It requires a regular practice to change your resistance by changing your thoughts.  To accomplish this, you first have to be conscious enough to check in with yourself regularly to observe what you are feeling.  If you are feeling discord, most likely the originating emotion fed into your thought process, your thoughts ran with it, which in turn fed your feelings, creating a vicious thought and emotional loop.  Once you become conscious of this feedback loop, you have a choice.  You can continue your emotional-thought feedback loop or you can stop that train, become centered and redirect your thoughts and emotions to a higher vibration.

Sometimes, remembering joyous memories, better times or simply focusing on feelings of gratefulness can take you to a high vibrational reality.  The only access you really have to these thought-emotional loops is through your mind and being able to control your thoughts.  Emotions are just a biological cocktail that your body whips up serving you with feelings of peace and joy or alternatively, fear and adrenaline in preparation to a reptilian response to fight or flight.

An emotion that is unfed by reoccurring negative thoughts will only last ninety seconds and then it passes.  Again, it takes practice but being able to stop the train and think clearly can not only save your life and preserve your health but it can save you years of wear and tear emotionally in situations of depression and grief.  Once you are able to redirect your thought to a more positive believable thought, with practice you can begin to unwire from your old beliefs to create more positive ones.  This will help you to heal the egoic thoughts that distress you and help you create positively with the law of attraction.

Ego arranges like-kind information into schemas (like a file drawer or folder) which are tied together with an emotional tag for retrieval.  All beliefs and memories that are connected  to a person or circumstance, may be in that same folder and emotion is the glue that keeps those thoughts stuck together.

As in most relationships, there may be thoughts and feelings of love and hate connected to the same person or event.  For example, you may remember someone you loved and with that memory comes a later memory of betrayal, hurt and sadness.  When you begin a new relationship without examining your story, a new person may trigger a past memory.   Your Ego registers pain and contraction causing you to want to react in a certain pattern, a pattern which can ultimately push that new person away.  Many times betrayal and abandonment patterns begin early as children, oftentimes originating with divorcing parents.  Unexamined stories can become your reality again and again.

In order to change a belief that no longer serves you, since you can’t lie to yourself or fake out your conscious mind, it is easier to look back in your past for a time that more relates to the new belief you wish to create.  Don’t focus on what is wrong or lack, search for moments that were right and focus intently on those, making them your new reality.  Your brain, your mind’s servant and partner, doesn’t know the difference between real and imaginary causing the same areas to light up (fire) in either circumstance.  Force a desirable opposite emotional response to go with your new visualization and a negative one to attach to your underlying negative belief.

Following a new positive direction with an action of intention will begin hardwiring a new neuronal pathway; a powerful tool of creation and recreation. If you want to demonstrate a new belief of abundance, splurge in a small way or donate money to a worthy cause.  Then forget about it.  Change happens in the present and you do not need to know how something will manifest.

The Human Body generates and sends feedback 
creating spiritual awareness through electro vibrations

Spirit wants to know itself experientially.  The human body is the virtual suit for experiencing spirit in physicality.  If you are interested in learning how to skydive, you could read about it in a book but until you actually experience it by jumping out of a plane, you don’t really know how to skydive.   Our 3-D body is a miraculous instrument of divine proportions. It is completely loving, forgiving, and nonjudgmental; always seeking balance and healing.  It senses and is aware of past as well as future occurrences and has its own intelligence.

We see the world as separate objects, subatomically, a complete illusion.  There are only vibrations of energy and relationships.  All objects in our physical universe are made up of swirling molecules made up of atoms (packets of waves of energy), made up of protons, electrons, neutrons; all particles, none of which are solid. Consciousness is more real then our physical reality yet our physical reality seems more real. Scientists aren’t sure what particles are made of but each one is interconnected.  There must be something that explains why particles have mass, why things hold together, why you and I are able to exist.  That something is the Higgs boson known as the God particle.

Everything, including our thoughts and emotions are energy, vibrating at their own particular level.  Creating thoughts, holding onto thoughts, recalling thoughts, generating emotions, controlling emotions and disciplining powerful inner drives, all require a tremendous expenditure of energy.

If you watch carefully, you’ll see that you have a phenomenal amount of energy available to you that you can feel coursing through you in waves, gushing up from deep inside to restore, replenish and recharge you.  It doesn’t come from food or sleep.  The source is Spirit when you are inspired and vibrating at a higher vibration. Conversely, if you are feeling drained, perhaps you are depressed and you just can’t find the motivation to put one foot in front of the other.  You may want to eat and sleep all the time but it won’t give you sustainable energy.  The only reason you feel this way is because you have blocked your spiritual source of energy by closing your heart and mind to protect yourself.  Ironically, closing your heart doesn’t protect you from anything.  It simply closes off your energy.

There are centers called Chakras that channel your life force or Chi.  This energy never gets old or tired nor does it need food.  The only thing you really need to know is that opening your heart allows energy in and closing it (when you are triggered by Ego) restricts it, becoming a habit.  The way to stay open is simply to never close.

Staying open becomes a choice through meditation, spiritual awareness and willful efforts.  Emotional blockages can affect your health but you can heal by relaxing and opening. Most of the time, we are simply following old programs, oftentimes from childhood, which are based upon past experiences, hurts and underlying beliefs. It takes practice but all you really need to do is check in with yourself several times a day and ask the question, “am I aligned with love or fear?”  If you find yourself in a contracted state, you can then stop that train, center and redirect.

This energy is interpreted by the five human senses of the human brain in partnership with the ego. Each of us vibrates at a different level as does everything in creation.

Different food items that we eat vibrate differently. For example, meat is of a lower vibration than vegetables. Broccoli is the highest vibrating vegetable and orchids are the highest vibrating flower.  The vibration frequency of a rock is denser than that of a tree.  Energy travels at the speed of light and our senses cannot process or perceive at that speed.  Our perception is based on the frequency of vibration.

A movie is nothing but still shots moving faster than our potential perception so we see it as continuous movement.   It takes a snail three seconds to register light.  If you left the room and returned within three seconds, the snail would be unable to perceive your absence.  I believe that Spirit, not only our own higher consciousness, but that of our loved ones who have passed from physical reality, is right here in front of us but we are incapable of perceiving these higher vibrations of Spirit with our five human senses, thus Spiritual awareness is not a tangible part of our reality.  The exception is those who have a more developed psychic ability or sixth sense.

Our body is one hundred thousand billion cells, divided and replicated yet different for each body part.  The cell does a few million things per second in order to function.  It creates proteins, adjusts membrane permeability, processes nutrients and each cells knows what every other cell is doing.

Our Cells resonate with our thoughts.  If we are thinking and feeling creativity, love and peaceful thoughts, we are generating coherent electromagnetic fields that broadcast to the rest of the body.  Dogs and, on some level, most people can pick up on the energy that we broadcast.  Anger, fear and stress are the main interrupters of resonance which disrupts the synchronization of cells causing the rhythms to go awry.  The body behaves in a fragmented manner, the immune system becomes suppressed and dis-ease is caused in the body.

I hope you have found this helpful and insightful.  Please know that I realize that everyone has their own spiritual beliefs; beliefs that resonate with them in their own hearts.  Thanks for allowing me to share mine.  You may have an interest in reading “If I am You, Who is she”,  a deeply personal story of my own life long spiritual growth.

Resources:  I wish I could give you each and every resource reflected herein.  The truth is that I’m a dedicated note taker and anything that held my interest over the years, I noted and filed for my own use; sometimes with a reference and other times without. This page was originally just a cheat sheet, if you will, that I put together to help me try to wrap my mind around how the whole Body, Mind, Spirit concept works.   What I do know is it’s much bigger than we can grasp.  The following is a short list of some of the resources that have influenced me to draw some of the conclusions on this page:

  • The Untethered Soul-Michael Singer
  • Many of Chopra’s Books
  • Many of Van Praagh’s Books and other books on after life
  • Journey of the Souls- Michael Newton
  • Bruce Lipton Books
  • Virus of the Mind-The New Science of the Meme
  • The Seth Books
  • Books on the topic of Cancer
  • Younger Next Year
  • Transformational Journeys of Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Mastery by Joey Klein
  • Carolyn Maas
  • Daring Greatly
  • Stroke of Insight
  • A New Map of the Brain by Stephen Kosslyn and G. Wayne Miller
  • Releasing the Saints
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