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What’s the Matter?

Hello God, are you in here somewhere?


A single wave lapped the shores of Infinity
Consciousness birthed from above
Longing to know itself experientially
Arising from the great Sea of Love

Creator of it ALL, names irrelevant
Our Father throned on High
The singular without a plural
Yahweh, Mother Earth, Father Sky


Thus, physicality infused the Cosmos
Mystical in its Grace
Swirling atoms, galaxies and Stardust
Neurons firing in empty space


24 trillion miles to the stars
A spinning planet, our domain
Billions of stars light the Milky Way
While Billions of Neurons fire our brains

Black holes and exploding stars
Inhabit our Outer Space
The Mind, as close as our next thought
A most mystical Inner place

mind 2

Energy in motion
E-Motion of intimacy and Grace
The Mind, the Great I AM
Disguised in the Human Race

We explore Genes, DNA and Atoms
Beyond “those eyes” of awe
Yet, the “Mind” and the Universe” remain
The greatest mysteries of all


God forgot so we could remember
Authentic Self knows the truth
The great desire of the Infinite
To find the Fountain of Youth

To feel the touch of skin against skin
The sun upon his face
To stare up at the stars at night
and find peace in that space

Lust and love, a feast of chemistry
an  electrifying, passionate kiss
Lonely tears trace a path of heartache
For the love she’ll always miss


Pain, a great catalyst for Wisdom
After the Perfect Storm
Wisdom promises peace thereafter
Or when the Heart returns Home

Unconditional love, a delusion
Narcistic love our fate
Overused, the words hold no meaning
I’m sorry,” comes too late

The magnificence of the Paradigm
A grand Matrix of Delusion
Physicality laced with emotion
The ultimate Illusion

Still, the secret of life eludes us
While we look to Outer Space
The answer lies within our hearts
The colossal Leap of Faith


All connected to one another
By a web of Photo-protons
We feel the energy of those on Earth
As well as those beyond

Heaven and Earth, the Masterpiece
The Artist, still a Mystery?
Evolution, a Theory in Crisis
As God smiles Knowingly


Oh, for the drama of it all!”

And God said, “Whatever IS the Matter?  It’s ALL good!”




Turning Inward


Turning Inward

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” – Dalai Lama

It is easy to look around the world and see a multitude of issues that need “fixing.” War is a constant in so many places across the globe. Substance abuse is at an all-time high. People seem to be increasingly angry and emotionally reactive. Violence in the form of school shootings, domestic violence, child abuse and criminal activity has become such a routine occurrence in this country that there is increasing desensitization to this horror.

Our culture has tried a myriad of initiatives to address these societal ills with little or no success. There are peace marches but war continues. There is “just say ‘no’ to drugs” but thirty years later, more people than ever are addicted to street drugs and pharmaceuticals. With only 4 percent of the world’s population, the United States houses 22 percent of the world’s prisoners while rates of recidivism continue to climb generation to generation. As a result, it is easy to fall into the belief that there is nothing any one person can do.

When your focus is on the perceived lack of a solution, you unintentionally feed feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, hopelessness and even anger. Of course, as you become more fearful, by definition the world becomes more fearful. Because human beings are wired for connection, it is the individual emotional state that each one of us holds that creates the collective in the world. As a result, when our focus is on fear, our individual fear grows and the result is what is seen in the world today.

In our society, when there is a threat, it is common to look for a hero to come to the rescue. When you do not know the power that lives within you to consciously create in this world, it is easy to think that the answer lies outside of you. Either someone or some other group needs to change or someone or some other group needs to “fix” the situation. The truth is that you are the only hero who can save yourself and elevate our world to a higher state. The hero lies within you.

Although it sounds like a cliché, it is the ultimate truth that only love can conquer fear. The day that you shift your internal state from fear to love is the day that the world changes. From the dawn of time, in this dualistic existence, there has always been a battle between love and fear. The question is whether you will play an intentional role in our collective creation on this planet. Will you have the courage to go within, feel fully the fear that is present, allow it to dissipate and intentionally cultivate yourself to be a vehicle for peace, love and compassion in this world or will you stay stuck in anxiety, fear and anger? Only you can change your internal state and therefore, only you can change the world by turning inward.

As an exercise this month, set an alarm to remind you to take a minute once an hour to check into the emotional state that is present. Are you in a love or fear-based state? Focus on your center point, two inches below the belly button and an inch back towards the spine and breathe from this place. Inhale through the nose thinking, I am, pause, hold the breath, and then as you exhale fully, think, unconditional love, pause, and hold the breath again. Continue for several rounds of this four-sided breath until you feel a sense of peace and love flow through you. When that internal state is anchored within and you focus on becoming an embodiment of the presence of love, the world is transformed by your influence hour-by-hour. The only way to spread love is for each one of us to commit to this practice. It is what the world needs now, more than ever




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Money Can’t Buy Happiness



…..But, it can buy me a Ranch and a Hot tub to sit in…..

Removing her towel, she carefully placed her coffee mug on the cup holder so that it would not spill its milky foam into the clear sparkling mineral water.  She lowered herself into the Jacuzzi and groaned in ecstasy as the first sensations rushed to greet her. Goosebumps instantly arose that just as quickly melted away, one by one, as she sank deeper into the steaming water. It felt like coming home.

The sun and red sandstone cliffs peeked out sporadically from low lying clouds that hung over the hazy mountains as she settled in under the little water fall that cascaded over her neck and shoulders.    While savoring her first sips of the rich cappuccino, she took in her surroundings with gratitude; the Tibetan flags a reminder of her travels, the distant red hills and, of course her beloved Ferrari.

Yard Art 005-001

Ferrari was a life sized bronze,  rearing magnificently against a Rocky Mountain backdrop, front legs slashing, thick black mane flying; a symbol of a young girl’s dream ‘come true’. Even as a little girl, she had a crazy unexplained passion for horses and a dream that she would one day live on a ranch.  With a sigh she thought, “This is it. This is happiness.” A smile crossed her lips as the country lyrics hummed through her mind, “…money can’t buy happiness…but it can buy me a boat….and it can buy me a truck to pull it“.  And, she knew that happiness, that coveted state of mind, was just a puppet named desire. So, maybe she couldn’t buy happiness, but she could buy her ranch, and a hot tub to soak in …. and in a crashing art market after a few too many cocktails, she could buy Ferrari.

Closing her eyes, she begged her resistant mind to surrender its eternal attempt to grasp, narrate and cling to the bombarding sensual stimuli that kept her so rooted in her body. She felt herself lift into the dizziness of pure joy, a resonance she would always strive for and only occasionally meet. The stress of weeks of slaying energy vampires melted away. Faintly in the distance, the last thing to escape her consciousness was the gentle rustling of the curtain over her bed in the window above.  Slowly and intentionally she slipped into the solitude that would heal her jonsing heart.

Timelessness was shattered by thunder rumbling in the distance and a sharp rush of wind  pushing up against the clouds. When she opened her eyes, she was surprised to find herself suddenly enveloped in an eerie fusion of rising steam and descending fog. The scent of rain danced on the wind and she deeply inhaled the rainy-land freshness intermingled with lavender. She smiled at first and then laughed out loud as she marveled at the huge raindrops splashing against the waters calm surface. Cold drops plunked down against her shoulders, so different from the soft whisper of the winter’s snow. The rain stirred up heightened sensations that raced through her body and she loved it all. She was in love with life. In the background, she heard the tiny voice of Ego say, “I wonder if sitting in a Jacuzzi during a thunderstorm could make this year’s list as one of the “Dumbest ways to die”. She shrugged.   Today was probably as good a day to die as any and she could only think of one or two other ways to do it better.

She had learned the hard way that happiness was illusive, fleeting and messy. It was fickle and could change on a dime with a phone call, a memory, or a glimpse of two lovers in a familiar pickup truck. She had also discovered that she could still find joy even when there was no happiness to be found. Joy was the innocent nature of being childlike; and she could always recognize its presence in the eyes of children even as they railed against the injustices of their life.  Joy was reborn in her a year ago when she first recognized it’s quiet beat in her heart.  Joy had waited there patiently for a lifetime for her to find her way back home.

The Soul Dance




You and I met before we were born

 We sought each other on the other side

Yearning to create Heaven in Density

Mother Earth ascends more rapidly now 

Shaking and shuttering, she expels negativity

Her fury manifesting catastrophes in her wake

Swirling quarks of water and oxygen

Energy folds onto itself in infinite wisdom

 With a splat, we belly flop into physicality


  Exploring Soul purposes in a 3-D dream

 Our spirits soared blissfully through star lit universes

Tethered buoyancy by a silver thread

God sees himself in our eyes

Feels her pureness beating in our hearts

She breathes our first breath as he sighs our last

Actors wait anxiously behind the closed veil

for the dance of a lifetime

Freewill, the music of the soul

God and Satan, dueling puppeteers

Sorceresses, villains, leaders and sheep

Entangled to one another in a cosmic flash

Gunshots fired by the quiet ones

The innocent, unloved or unheard

That neighbors never suspect

Anger and Love the universal solvents

While darkness fights for its power

 Love has only to remember

We play small, forgetting our greatness

Seeking lightness outside, not within

“Hush, choose love…. listen to the warm”

We will hear his call once more

As she  whispers us home she asks

 ” And, how did you like Heaven?”



The Other Woman-A Love Story

Some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it without knowing what’s going to happen next.  Delicious ambiguity….

-Gilda Radner

The Story Begins…

I’ve always been idealistic and a searcher; having more questions than answers. I became independent and somewhat of a loner at a young age, not so much by choice as by circumstance. Maybe this makes it easier for me to hear the whisper of passion, the language of Spirit. The focus of my passions has been accumulative and has shifted over the years. It has waxed and waned through the heartfelt moments of love and grief. There were times in which I felt and heard nothing but the lonely echo of a heartbeat, the dark night of my soul. This is where I learned to trust that Spirit was never far away, always listening, always waiting patiently for me to return to my true nature. If I could feel passion in my heart, whether I found it in a baby’s smile, the scent of fresh cut hay, or a hawk on the wing; I could feel the resonance of Spirit within me. Then, in that instant, I would be enough.

Each choice we make in one moment will affect the rest of our life choices; and like a domino effect, possibly the lives of others, near and far. Whether our physical life exists for five minutes or one hundred years, each and every soul will live to impact more people than we can ever imagine. Our mere existence will affect our parents, children, spouses, lovers, neighbors, co-workers, society, and/or the planet either positively or negatively; most likely both. In a chance meeting, we might unknowingly deliver just the right message at just the right time; words that could change the entire direction or life of another.

Have you ever wondered what it is; the song you came here to sing or the story you came here to write? I would sincerely hope that each of us has at least one great love story to tell. This is mine. It begins as a story of young love, the infancy of that puppy dog ‘mad about you’ infatuation of two soul mates that would play out for a lifetime. It is about a boy and girl whose chemistry was perfectly matched even though they were born on different sides of the track. It would be their first and maybe last taste for the global feeling of ecstasy that made them want to roll in the grass and lick each others’ faces; to stare up at the stars as time stopped and the two of them was all there was.

The Other Woman


Rarely do we have the foresight to see that the smallest decision that we make in a given moment may ultimately be the biggest decision of our lives, rippling forth to touch the hearts of many

Let’s say that life rode you hard and you were put away dripping wet and trembling like a wounded animal.   You wandered out into nature to die because dying seemed easier than the alternative, surviving the inconceivable loss. Instead, you found that deep down, the wildness of nature was still alive in you and restless. For you, nature had always been a common ground for connection, a place where you felt safe to lick your wounds. You were just beginning to feel the pulse of aliveness, of being human again, when out of the blue you received her letter. It was simply addressed to the “Other Woman—the Worst kind of Woman.”

Thoughts that had apparently been brewing in her for over three decades, finally found a voice and it was the voice of pent-up fury. Anger and helplessness seethed from the scathing words that had become frozen over time in her heart. She had somehow found out about your loss and she may have felt that her timing was impeccable for what she had always wanted to say. “Sinners pay now or they pay later, but they always pay, so now, Jan, you get to live the life you created for yourself.”   You felt badly for her as she had clearly suffered for all these years. You had compassion for anyone who had to feel the torment of such suffering. You had been there.

You remember the time you first met him like it was yesterday. It was a warm spring day in Denver during the 70’s and the metropolitan pulse beat palpably in your naïve and innocent Midwestern heart.   You were in way over your head with the heated excitement of a fast paced city life that had been slowly incubated into your future from a hammock in a small rural town in Iowa.

That morning you hurried to dress for work. You tinted your lips a glossy pink as an afterthought. They matched perfectly the color of your favorite sleeveless baby doll dress that you decided to wear that day, making your arms and chest look golden brown against your long sun streaked hair.   Your fiancé gave a woof whistle and then kissed you on the cheek. “What’s the occasion?” he asked. “No occasion, just tired of my clothes.   Thought I’d put on something sweet today,” you said with a mischievous sideways glance. “It’ll give Twyla and Sue something to gossip about at the office.” He chuckled as he opened the door. “I’ll bring home burgers for the grill tonight,” he said as he winked, closing the door behind him.

You and Tom had been sharing an apartment together for almost two years before he placed a diamond under the Christmas tree. You didn’t have the heart to ask if Santa had anything else in his bag, so you were trying on the idea of marriage.   He was only your second lover and your life was just beginning. You already knew that you were not ready but you didn’t know how to tell him. You tried to rationalize your feelings instead of breaking his heart. Rationalizing was a coping skill you had been using since you were a young girl to stop your own heart from breaking.

Because you were relatively new as a Real Estate Closer, you were razor focused on your next project.   You sat at the big round conference table where you were making a quick study of his Developer file the day he walked into the rest of your life. When you glanced up, you saw that he was looking directly at you. He was wearing cowboy boots and blue jeans that couldn’t hide the fact that he had been a lifelong athlete. His blue plaid cowboy shirt with a red bandana accentuated his face, tanned from an outdoor life; and in that instant he reminded you of the cowboy heroes that you had worshipped as a wistful child.

A warm smile spread slowly across his face revealing an expression that you couldn’t quite identify. He looked surprised like he’d just seen you walk on water.   He had thick sandy brown hair that had just enough body to convince you that it wasn’t straight and hazel eyes that spoke a thousand words.   Catching you totally off guard, he struck you as being way too young to be a Developer. You felt the heat of a blush creeping up your neck and you hoped it wasn’t visible.

Your heart skipped a beat the first time he flashed you that infamous smile. You couldn’t help focusing on that sexy crooked grin that had just a hint of mischievous innocence written all over it. It set off a ripple of flutters in your stomach and made your mouth go instantly dry. He leaned across the table extending his hand, “Hi. I’m Dennis; and this is my attorney, Norm,” he said, all the while his eyes fixed on yours. He offered to take your hand and you placed it limply in his not sure if he was going to shake it or kiss it. You managed to faintly squeak out, “Hi, it’s nice to meet you too,” as if he was the first person you’d ever officially met.

How could you know in that moment that for a lifetime you would dance seductively in and out of each other’s lives and fantasies? It was like time stood still and everyone in the room, except the two of you, was frozen in place. His smile would be his signature, forever imprinted in your mind to this day floating just behind closed eyes and future dreams. You were just twenty four, he was seven years older and she didn’t yet exist in your world or his.

The voice behind the mask of persona tells and retells the story cautiously watching for ambiguity and twisted facts. In the end, the facts seemed so simple when told by the subtle whisper of a heart that knew his. When you listened in stillness, in your heart of hearts you heard the voice of that little girl who was simply afraid to feel the pain of lost love once more.

That undying love that the two of you would share for a lifetime was passionate and born out of innocence. It was pure, untouched by life, and safely locked away in its perfect memories to be played over and over on harp strings of passion. She knew in her heart this was a place that she would never be able to reach him. And, that was why she was so angry.

The stories, his, hers and yours, were intimately intertwined and born out of the difference of bias. In his story, you are the love of his life; and in her story, you are clearly the worst kind of woman. In your story, he would always be your champion; your knight in shining armor.   Ahhh, but in your story, it was she, who was the Other Woman.


Her love was whimsical and free falling, a feverish dance behind a thin veil of gossamer wings and heartache. Perhaps it was a love not meant to be bound in marriage; for even in her own marriage, she would become the other woman. Born to a fear of abandonment, she would become the flawless Archetype. Safely locked in place where it would forever remain seductive in its purity, it was a pristine love that could never die as she played it over and over on the harp strings of passion.

To be continued……


How Emotional Trauma Changes the Brain

mind 2

I wanted to share the following “Missive” that I received yesterday from Joey Klein’s Conscious Transformation Program.  With the help of Spirit, Joey and his team have probably been  most responsible for single handedly ‘saving’ my life after experiencing a lengthy despondency that once engulfed me.  From Joey’s Program,  I’m learning to manage my state of mind, my emotions and consequently, my life. After nearly drowning in a river of grief, I finally fought my way to the shores of that raging river.  Still I floundered on its banks for years, like a fish out of water, trying to accept my new life without my son and find a purpose to go on.  Occasionally, when an anniversary date rolled around or something triggered me out of the blue, I would find myself slipping back into that destructive emotional current, once more carrying me on yet another frightening detour downstream.  Over time, I became mentally and emotionally bankrupt from hardwired patterning.

Then one day, there it was, an invitation from my higher self that manifested in the form of a seven word email from a long time friend.  It simply said, “I think you might enjoy meeting Joey.”  “Why,” I wondered as my finger hovered over the delete button long enough to ask the question.  “Patti surely knew how out of control I’d become as the tale of life ‘wagged’ me.  Each day anew, I tried to line up those pesky ducks that clearly had no concept of how to get in a row.  I surely didn’t have time for one more duck!”   In the silence of that hesitation, it’s almost as if Spirit sighed, “you’re kidding me, right?  You pray, I answer.  How long will you ignore my support?”

Long story short, I have joined small intimate groups, as well as larger audiences who gather regularly.  As a result, I have been gifted with a higher vision for my life.  Joey is an amazing young man with an incredible life story that is awe inspiring if not downright mystical. Personally, the knowledge and the manner in which he presents information not only feeds my skeptical, scientific mind with modalities that include Neuroscience, Psychology and Joey’s personal disciplines but it has also helped me access a new level of spiritual awareness. Joey’s Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Mastery Classes are now reaching many corners of the World.  I would highly recommend this program as a life saving avenue for anyone for any reason.  If you aren’t able or inclined to attend classes, you may be able to reach his teachings with coaching calls and/or CDs.  You’ll find access to his website below.  It’s never too late to save the life of someone you love; maybe it will be your life. joey joey1

 “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”  ~ Alice Walker
Every life comes with its challenging events and traumas. Trauma is often defined as an “emotional event that shatters your sense of security or identity.” Divorces, physical injuries, natural disasters, violent encounters and the death of a loved one are merely a few situations that can create trauma when you lack certain life skills to manage the mind, emotions and physical body.Unfortunately, the typical guidance given during traumatic situations is ineffective at best and frequently counterproductive. Often times, people will offer such sage advice as “just get over it,” “toughen up,” “talk it out” and “time will heal all wounds.” However, relatively new discoveries in the field of neuroscience show that after trauma you simply have a different brain then you did before trauma. The way the brain functions and its actual wiring changes through traumatic experience and talking about it, being tough or waiting it out simply does not rewire the brain or return it to optimal functionality.For example, the most evolved portion of your brain, the prefrontal cortex that controls “executive function” can be significantly impacted in numerous ways. For instance, when you go through a traumatic time, it is common to feel like you are stuck and that life will never be any different. The reason people often have such experiences is that the portion of the brain that plans and envisions a bright new future is one of the areas in the prefrontal cortex that ceases to function optimally as a result of trauma.  It is also important to understand that even when the trauma has passed, full creative potential does not automatically return.The speech center is another portion of the brain that is often impacted by trauma, which is why you can be “scared speechless.”  It is also one of the reasons why it is so difficult to integrate a traumatic situation into a cohesive story with the rest of your life. Trauma can also cause an inability to stay in the present moment, a lack of mental clarity, disconnection from the emotions, numbing out to the physical body and difficulty regulating strong lower emotional patterns such as sadness, anxiety and anger. The good news is that neuroscience now knows that our brains are plastic, meaning, in layman’s terms, that whatever is present in our brains does not have to stay there. We can rewire it all with the right techniques such as the mindfulness-based practices we teach in Conscious Transformation. In fact, leading scientists are now recognizing that mindfulness is said to be the foundation for healing the brain after trauma. Unlike many meditation modalities, Conscious Transformation combines ancient mindfulness-based practices with the knowledge from cutting-edge neuroscience regarding the areas of the brain impacted from trauma and supports to retrain those areas for maximum healing and optimal function. For example, Conscious Transformation has practices to specifically train your brain to create a vision, tell a new story of a painful past and an empowered future, manage lower emotions, stay present in the moment, increase mental clarity and focus, and reconnect with the communications from the physical body. In other words, Conscious Transformation retrains precisely those aspects of the mind, emotions and body that are impacted by traumatic events. Through these practices, you learn how to step into your own internal power, seize the day moment by moment, and create all that is possible for yourself. I invite you to begin today by signing up for our free, nine-week meditation course at, which provides practices for mind, emotion, body and spirit. As a result, you will experience life through a wholly different paradigm where you become the creator of your internal experience and no longer allow past traumatic events to define you. Such empowerment is true freedom. Love, Joey



Once Upon A Time…
In the Garden of Good and Evil…

She bit into the crisp apple
Even a Goddess couldn’t resist
The “CrunchhHH” echoed around the world
Duality born out of bliss


Good clashed against evil
Your God challenged mine
Big Bang opposed Evolution
In the Jungles of Space and Time

Religious leaders heard the ‘voice’ of God
Lambs followed without a clue
Dogmas, power, greed and murder
To protect those chosen few

From the Bleachers of Corporal Existence
Viewed through lens of distortion
Hate tackled love with poignancy
Emotion of epic proportion

 Ego, once Servant to the Warrior Heart
Now seduced by the song of Sirens
Believes its mindless chatter and story
While Heart now serves the Tyrant

Whose voice causes Ego to tremble with worry?
Like an abused dog beaten and shamed
It’s job to protect its Master
It’s demeanor wary and afraid

How can we understand being human
Ego, separate and alone
Tethered like a Kite in a Hurricane
God patiently outwaits the storm

Ego, trapped in imperfection
Anxiety under Constraint
Secrets of psyche in a World gone Mad
Society with so little restraint

Spirit co-existing with Ego
The Intrepid Survivor masked
Why hast thou forsaken me?”
Broken, he cried out at last


I am collaborating with Mandy Benedict in publishing a monthly column in our local Newspaper, the Vail Daily.  I’m pleased to share our first article with regard to New Year Resolutions and creating an Inner state that will cultivate your desired outcomes.  Conscious Transformation is a program by Joey Klein created using the latest in Psychology, Neuroscience and a combination of Western and Eastern spiritual disciplines.  This work has provided me with amazing awareness going through my process of grieving.

Janice Kay Johnson 12 13 PASSION

Conscious Transformation

-By Mandy Benedict

As we move into 2015, many of us will engage in the tradition of setting our New Year’s resolutions.  Full of hope and determination, many times we set out to create something new and exciting only to become disappointed in the results.

I invite you to reflect on the possibility of an extraordinary life by asking yourself these three questions:

  • “Am I ‘living a life that I love’ and ‘loving the life that I live’?”
  • “Am I aligning with my highest vision and purpose?”
  • “How fulfilled am I in my daily life, career, health and relationships?”

Consider for a moment that we create from the inside out and our lives are merely a reflection of what is unfolding from within.  The way we think and feel inside will determine and define the results of our daily lives. Our external experience does not define our inner state of being, even though it may appear that way at times.

It’s important to look at the seeds of thought that have sabotaged your visions. Plant new seeds in your mind and emotions and then choose to commit to nurturing them. Your brain has the power and ability to create any experiences that you wish.   If you choose to create new things this year, consider what inner seeds you must plant.  Then water and nurture those seeds with supportive thoughts and actions.  It doesn’t mean that life has to change in order to create new circumstance, merely step into a new emotional state and think about life differently.  You can ‘love the life you’re living’ and ‘live the life you love’, right now!

Action Steps:

To ensure that this year is truly a transformational and benchmark year, try creating from the inside out.  “How can I evolve into an extraordinary, ever-expanding individual?”

  • Take the time to seriously contemplate the three questions above and be honest with yourself;
  • Activate and awaken the seed within by making a declaration.   “Who do I choose to become?”  Plant a seed by picking one emotion and inner state and become that. (i.e., peaceful, loving, grateful, joyful, passionate, compassionate, giving);
  • “What way of being will cultivate the seed I wish to plant?”  “What ways of feeling and what actions will water and nurture this seed?”   “What attributes will support my extraordinary life experience?”  “What would a peaceful, loving, joyous, grateful person be like . . . live like?”
  •  Commit to your word, your declaration, no matter what!  “I commit to being respectful to myself and others, regardless of the actions of others”;
  •  Envision and imagine, “What would my life look like if I were living a life I loved?”  “I see myself embodying the seed that I have sprouted; as love, passion, peace, etc.”

Make your declaration this year about who you are choosing to become starting this moment!  If you have a vision you’d like to be living right now, that vision will be fulfilled by way of how you take action from within. The results of fulfilling your 2015 resolutions now become possible.  When we create this way, passion wakes up inside of us and an enthusiasm for living ignites our sense of purpose for being and living in a way that can be extraordinary.  If your inner state has evolved; and your way of being reflects these peaked experiences of life as a consistent way of being, you will then be free to create with ambition, energy and passion, anything you choose to experience.  I invite you to stand for nothing less than ‘living a life that you love’ and ‘loving the life that you live’!

Quote about the Dalai Lama, “He doesn’t just pray for peace, he works for it!”


To train new neuropath ways and make lasting changes please join me for the upcoming Mental Mastery Series.

Please contact me at (970) 904-1233 or email me at for more information.

To see upcoming local offerings, visit


We are each a spark of the creator, 
Spiritual Awareness made Manifest 
We are all connected to each other and
to the souls of animals and Mother Earth

We are designed to live in our hearts with our minds as observer

Input from our body adds to our field of experience

Our shared reality creates our surroundings

We are limitless with no boundaries or separation from each other

We are born in flesh to enrich our sense awareness; energy made corporeal

We are here to enjoy, use and express through a body in order to aid in expansion of our individual and collective consciousness

Vision of Human Existence

I Am the Great ‘I AM’

Spirit creates so that it may know itself. The body, a virtual suit for experiencing spirit, is aware of future occurrences and creates and sends feedback to spirit through electro   vibrations. Spirit can’t taste chocolate, see a sunset or feel the thrill of  emotions or adrenaline when you fall in love or go skydiving without this three dimensional perception of reality.

We may have life contracts at birth, choosing to experience certain things and always we are creating and recreating our reality.  It may be that we, all various selves, are living many simultaneous lifetimes at once since ‘time’ is a function of our 5 senses and a 3-D reality. We can draw on all of these experiences right now in the present.

Other levels of psychic activity and knowledge are available only when you disconnect your experiences from neuronal structure allowing you to discover other probable selves and realities.

Nerve pattern activity causes an illusion of a present, which is our point of power where  we can change past and future neuronally.

Future events are your selection of probable events from your potential ones causing them  to be perceived at present.

All future events exist simultaneously but many occurrences speed by too quickly for neuronal structure, jumping nerve endings too quickly to experience. Again, perception of a future event is chosen based on law of attraction of our beliefs.

Our ‘beliefs’ cause us to attract and permit entry of certain events through our physical perception or neuronal wiring and synapses- it then seems to become the past. These future events remain as a part of your potentiality, and do not become a part of your present perception. The past is still occurring as the ‘drag’ leaps synapses but is not physically recorded.

You only experience portions with your corporeal structure, yet the structure records them. The cells retain their memory though you do not perceive it. Thoughts and emotions are energy. In the moment, impressions pass by the senses and are recorded in the consciousness experientially. The energy then passes and the next event enters.

When an impression triggers a belief or stored energy pattern, however, it causes a change in energy flow through the mind/heart. This focus causes the energy to become constricted, circling around itself. Holding the energy requires additional energy, all of which becomes a big energy blockage.

The mind tries to release an energy blockage by focusing and thinking about the event. If that doesn’t work, the heart tries to release the energy emotionally. Any blockage that remains unreleased in the present becomes stored in incredible detail in the heart. A future trigger will surface at some point in the future, and there will be another opportunity for release. These blockages are very unhealthy emotionally, mentally and physically.


Our Spirit, our Over-Soul or Accumulative Soul, a spark of the Great ‘I AM’ Has incarnated many lifetimes and is comprised of our Subconscious Mind and our Conscious Mind.     

Subconscious or Involuntary Mind

Our subconscious mind takes care of our internal body functions by monitoring the division and replication of cells and the few millions of things each cell does per second to function. This would include: respiration, adjusting body temperatures, processing nutrients, eliminating wastes and knowing what every other cell is doing  simultaneously. Note: extracted cells in a Petri dish react and identify with those in body, i.e., reacting to a cut to your finger or emotions and stress.  In today’s society, we don’t connect with this physical reality as well as we could.

We treat our body as separate from us. Our mind, we think of it as belonging to ‘us’. Our body has its own intelligence and is always seeking balance and healing.

The subconscious or involuntary mind is connected to the Limbic System, which cues us with an emotional tag to deeply buried beliefs, experiential  as well as underlying beliefs and concepts from childhood  that have become hardwired into our brains.  Emotion, our first language before we developed thought, is the key that can unlock our subconscious and help us to shift beliefs that are sabotaging our visions.  If we can check in with our emotions, they will cue us as to the vibrational level of our subconscious thoughts at that particular moment.

An average person has sixty to seventy thousand thoughts each day, 80% of which we had the day before.  Most of us are being subconsciously guided approximately 95% of the time by thoughts we are not even aware are playing in our minds (old tapes).   Consciously, we are only focusing on  5% of the thoughts that cross our neurons through synapses.

The Conscious Mind
is inner Spiritual awareness focused or turned outward toward world events.

It’s job is to perceive

The Conscious mind is the Observer for Spirit. It observes what we have created individually and collectively. The Conscious Mind does not die with the body as do the ego and physical brain.  The Ego and brain are a part of the Conscious Mind and are used by the mind as its tools for processing and vision. Spirit relies on the Brain and Rational mind (Ego) to provide a 3 dimensional focus through our 5 senses, translating channeled sensual information into physical reality.

The Conscious Mind is a conduit of intuition from Spirit, receiving insights and intuition from the Subconscious mind and from Spirit.  The mind also projects thoughts and reoccurring thoughts (beliefs) outward, creating the living picture of you. Conscious as well as unconscious thoughts alter your physical reality. Your focus changes throughout life.

Difficulties arise when the Conscious Mind becomes rigid. In order to create joyous expressions in flesh, you must clear your Conscious  Mind to receive  deeper spiritual awareness and knowledge of the great ‘I AM’. The Conscious Mind examines underlying beliefs from childhood and outside beliefs in order to provide an opening  to its true creativeness.          

The Conscious Mind is Home to the Rational Mind or Ego-

The Body is Home to the Physical Brain

  Ego provides a 3-D focus, defining ‘time’ and a physical reality.  It channels information from the Conscious Mind in order to view its reality in the physical world

Spirit looks outward into the world through the Conscious Mind or inner psyche much as your eye looks outward from the body.  While they are both a tool of vision, just as the eye cannot see itself, neither can the Conscious Mind. While a surgeon can locate the brain, nowhere is he able to find the exact location of the ‘mind’.  The brain is the physical counter part of the mind.  It connects the Soul and intellect to the body, making the nonphysical a physical reality.  The nerve pattern activity causes illusions of a present.

The mind depends on the brain. A healthy brain has some 200 billion neurons. The brain requires up to 20% of the body’s energy despite being only 2% of the human body by weight.  Consequently, any imbalances or drugs that affect the brain, including prescribed as well as illegal, will most certainly create problems for the mind and deaden the creativity and freedom of our spirit selves.

Because your brain is exposed to thousands of stimuli, including but not limited to auditory, visual, and neuro-sensory, it can’t possibly process all of this information as it comes in.  A lot of the tagging and archiving of memories occur at night while you’re sleeping since the brain never sleeps.  Memory tests show that only four or five hours of sleep will affect this process and ultimately your memory recall.

The brain has two complete separate hemispheres, the left and right.  In fact, within scientific circles, there is a new map of the brain incorporating the top and bottom of the brain in the “theory of cognitive modes”.  These hemispheres do not work one part at a time; they are interactive and together in concert are capable of communicating with each other through the Corpus Callosum and its three hundred million axonal fibers.  Within our mind we have a potential for higher mathematics, complex physics, art and amazing richness of thoughts, feelings and sensations.

Our traditional educational methods, curriculum and exam focus ensures that we emphasize development of the linear left brain.    If you look closely, you will see that oftentimes  the children that exhibit spectrums of ADD, Bipolar, Dyslexia and Autism; each highly intelligent in their own way; have trouble filtering out all of the extraneous information that is not required to strictly identify them with a  3-D existence.  These individuals are more of the universe than the world and struggle to fit in to either.

Below is the popular left brain right brain model.  In general, the left brain thinks and cares about different things and processes information totally differently from the right brain.

Left Brain

  • Private
  • Yang
  • Male Energy
  • Positive pole
  • Analytical Linear

Right Brain

  • Holistic, unity & idealistic
  • Ying
  • Feminine Energy
  • Negative Pole
  • Feelings & emotions
  • See beyond temporal life


The left brain takes the sensory input of the right brain and processes that information in a linear fashion into past and future perceptions.  It picks out details, and details about those details, categorizes them and associates them to what we’ve learned in our past and projects them into our future.  The left brain thinks in language.  It is the constant chatter that connects us from our internal world to our external world.  It is the intelligence that organizes things we need to do now or tomorrow.  It perceives a different reality, that of “I am” as separate from each other and being in a physically dense body.



The right brain is all about the present moment, here and now.  It thinks in pictures and learns through kinesthetic awareness through the movement of our bodies. It receives information in the form of energy which streams in through all of our various sensory systems, exploding into an enormous collage of what this present moment looks, sounds, tastes, smells and feels like.  It senses energy and being a part of the larger whole or connected to Spirit.

Mammals have always relied on inbred instinct.  It became necessary for man, in order to survive, to develop rational thinking.  This rational thinking in partnership with the brain defines our lives through our senses and keeps us in physical reality.  Free will became a function of Ego and guilt became a measure of control for it, creating beliefs.

Beliefs are the ‘filters’ through which the Conscious Mind looks outward through Ego.  Oftentimes, Ego can block awareness, interpret, ignore or stuff input that it receives from the Conscious Mind.  For the most part, the Conscious Mind, Spirit, has taken a back seat to Ego in today’s Society.  It was meant for us to be in a three dimensional physicality with a remembrance of our true identity but our egos developed stronger than our intuition over time.

Just as your mind cannot be located within your brain, neither can thoughts.  Thoughts, moving at the speed of light, are energy and reside in the virtual domain of true potentiality.  Action potential, Neurotransmitters and contraction are all a result of thought.

Beliefs are Ego’s clouds on your Conscious Mind.  Beliefs are thoughts that you just keep thinking until they become a hardwired path in your brain. This is essentially what we refer to as emotional baggage that we drag along with us into every relationship, job and situation.  These beliefs form your self image and define your concepts of what is and isn’t possible for you.  You only choose what you feel in accordance with and utilize psychological characteristics that you believe you possess chosen from a variety of selves.

Ego dies with the body and fights to maintain a world in which it believes it has control.  Originally it was intended that we follow our heart and the Ego would be a servant to our heart for the purpose of survival.  Ego records occurrences, imaginary and real, and warns us with an emotion of fear or contraction as to any perceived danger physically and/or psychologically. This perceived danger real or imagined, includes things that the Ego has not yet experienced as well as real danger which it came to know through experience or even through our DNA evolutionally.  While it is  our reptilian ally, Ego also keeps us stuck in ways that may not serve us.  Ego tends to stick with what it “knows”, even if what it knows is painful psychologically, rather than risking the unknown.

Unlike Spirit, Ego promotes beliefs in separateness and aloneness versus connection and oneness. It perceives your thoughts as your reality.  Beliefs are intellectual and have emotional tags that tie good and bad circumstances together.  Beliefs are screening and directing agents which define your concepts of what is or isn’t possible for you.  Most often you will unconsciously follow your subconscious expectations without any realization that you are doing so.  In order to discover what your underlying beliefs are,  follow your emotions and they will lead you there.

If you are experiencing feelings of fear, worry, anxiety, jealousy or pride, these lower vibrational emotions- contraction- are telling you that you are out of sync with your true self or higher self -expansion.  This is your opportunity, in the moment, to choose.  Do you wish to continue feeling resistance and out of resonance or will you change your thoughts to be more in accordance with your higher self?

It requires a regular practice to change your resistance by changing your thoughts.  To accomplish this, you first have to be conscious enough to check in with yourself regularly to observe what you are feeling.  If you are feeling discord, most likely the originating emotion fed into your thought process, your thoughts ran with it, which in turn fed your feelings, creating a vicious thought and emotional loop.  Once you become conscious of this feedback loop, you have a choice.  You can continue your emotional-thought feedback loop or you can stop that train, become centered and redirect your thoughts and emotions to a higher vibration.

Sometimes, remembering joyous memories, better times or simply focusing on feelings of gratefulness can take you to a high vibrational reality.  The only access you really have to these thought-emotional loops is through your mind and being able to control your thoughts.  Emotions are just a biological cocktail that your body whips up serving you with feelings of peace and joy or alternatively, fear and adrenaline in preparation to a reptilian response to fight or flight.

An emotion that is unfed by reoccurring negative thoughts will only last ninety seconds and then it passes.  Again, it takes practice but being able to stop the train and think clearly can not only save your life and preserve your health but it can save you years of wear and tear emotionally in situations of depression and grief.  Once you are able to redirect your thought to a more positive believable thought, with practice you can begin to unwire from your old beliefs to create more positive ones.  This will help you to heal the egoic thoughts that distress you and help you create positively with the law of attraction.

Ego arranges like-kind information into schemas (like a file drawer or folder) which are tied together with an emotional tag for retrieval.  All beliefs and memories that are connected  to a person or circumstance, may be in that same folder and emotion is the glue that keeps those thoughts stuck together.

As in most relationships, there may be thoughts and feelings of love and hate connected to the same person or event.  For example, you may remember someone you loved and with that memory comes a later memory of betrayal, hurt and sadness.  When you begin a new relationship without examining your story, a new person may trigger a past memory.   Your Ego registers pain and contraction causing you to want to react in a certain pattern, a pattern which can ultimately push that new person away.  Many times betrayal and abandonment patterns begin early as children, oftentimes originating with divorcing parents.  Unexamined stories can become your reality again and again.

In order to change a belief that no longer serves you, since you can’t lie to yourself or fake out your conscious mind, it is easier to look back in your past for a time that more relates to the new belief you wish to create.  Don’t focus on what is wrong or lack, search for moments that were right and focus intently on those, making them your new reality.  Your brain, your mind’s servant and partner, doesn’t know the difference between real and imaginary causing the same areas to light up (fire) in either circumstance.  Force a desirable opposite emotional response to go with your new visualization and a negative one to attach to your underlying negative belief.

Following a new positive direction with an action of intention will begin hardwiring a new neuronal pathway; a powerful tool of creation and recreation. If you want to demonstrate a new belief of abundance, splurge in a small way or donate money to a worthy cause.  Then forget about it.  Change happens in the present and you do not need to know how something will manifest.

The Human Body generates and sends feedback 
creating spiritual awareness through electro vibrations

Spirit wants to know itself experientially.  The human body is the virtual suit for experiencing spirit in physicality.  If you are interested in learning how to skydive, you could read about it in a book but until you actually experience it by jumping out of a plane, you don’t really know how to skydive.   Our 3-D body is a miraculous instrument of divine proportions. It is completely loving, forgiving, and nonjudgmental; always seeking balance and healing.  It senses and is aware of past as well as future occurrences and has its own intelligence.

We see the world as separate objects, subatomically, a complete illusion.  There are only vibrations of energy and relationships.  All objects in our physical universe are made up of swirling molecules made up of atoms (packets of waves of energy), made up of protons, electrons, neutrons; all particles, none of which are solid. Consciousness is more real then our physical reality yet our physical reality seems more real. Scientists aren’t sure what particles are made of but each one is interconnected.  There must be something that explains why particles have mass, why things hold together, why you and I are able to exist.  That something is the Higgs boson known as the God particle.

Everything, including our thoughts and emotions are energy, vibrating at their own particular level.  Creating thoughts, holding onto thoughts, recalling thoughts, generating emotions, controlling emotions and disciplining powerful inner drives, all require a tremendous expenditure of energy.

If you watch carefully, you’ll see that you have a phenomenal amount of energy available to you that you can feel coursing through you in waves, gushing up from deep inside to restore, replenish and recharge you.  It doesn’t come from food or sleep.  The source is Spirit when you are inspired and vibrating at a higher vibration. Conversely, if you are feeling drained, perhaps you are depressed and you just can’t find the motivation to put one foot in front of the other.  You may want to eat and sleep all the time but it won’t give you sustainable energy.  The only reason you feel this way is because you have blocked your spiritual source of energy by closing your heart and mind to protect yourself.  Ironically, closing your heart doesn’t protect you from anything.  It simply closes off your energy.

There are centers called Chakras that channel your life force or Chi.  This energy never gets old or tired nor does it need food.  The only thing you really need to know is that opening your heart allows energy in and closing it (when you are triggered by Ego) restricts it, becoming a habit.  The way to stay open is simply to never close.

Staying open becomes a choice through meditation, spiritual awareness and willful efforts.  Emotional blockages can affect your health but you can heal by relaxing and opening. Most of the time, we are simply following old programs, oftentimes from childhood, which are based upon past experiences, hurts and underlying beliefs. It takes practice but all you really need to do is check in with yourself several times a day and ask the question, “am I aligned with love or fear?”  If you find yourself in a contracted state, you can then stop that train, center and redirect.

This energy is interpreted by the five human senses of the human brain in partnership with the ego. Each of us vibrates at a different level as does everything in creation.

Different food items that we eat vibrate differently. For example, meat is of a lower vibration than vegetables. Broccoli is the highest vibrating vegetable and orchids are the highest vibrating flower.  The vibration frequency of a rock is denser than that of a tree.  Energy travels at the speed of light and our senses cannot process or perceive at that speed.  Our perception is based on the frequency of vibration.

A movie is nothing but still shots moving faster than our potential perception so we see it as continuous movement.   It takes a snail three seconds to register light.  If you left the room and returned within three seconds, the snail would be unable to perceive your absence.  I believe that Spirit, not only our own higher consciousness, but that of our loved ones who have passed from physical reality, is right here in front of us but we are incapable of perceiving these higher vibrations of Spirit with our five human senses, thus Spiritual awareness is not a tangible part of our reality.  The exception is those who have a more developed psychic ability or sixth sense.

Our body is one hundred thousand billion cells, divided and replicated yet different for each body part.  The cell does a few million things per second in order to function.  It creates proteins, adjusts membrane permeability, processes nutrients and each cells knows what every other cell is doing.

Our Cells resonate with our thoughts.  If we are thinking and feeling creativity, love and peaceful thoughts, we are generating coherent electromagnetic fields that broadcast to the rest of the body.  Dogs and, on some level, most people can pick up on the energy that we broadcast.  Anger, fear and stress are the main interrupters of resonance which disrupts the synchronization of cells causing the rhythms to go awry.  The body behaves in a fragmented manner, the immune system becomes suppressed and dis-ease is caused in the body.

I hope you have found this helpful and insightful.  Please know that I realize that everyone has their own spiritual beliefs; beliefs that resonate with them in their own hearts.  Thanks for allowing me to share mine.  You may have an interest in reading “If I am You, Who is she”,  a deeply personal story of my own life long spiritual growth.

Resources:  I wish I could give you each and every resource reflected herein.  The truth is that I’m a dedicated note taker and anything that held my interest over the years, I noted and filed for my own use; sometimes with a reference and other times without. This page was originally just a cheat sheet, if you will, that I put together to help me try to wrap my mind around how the whole Body, Mind, Spirit concept works.   What I do know is it’s much bigger than we can grasp.  The following is a short list of some of the resources that have influenced me to draw some of the conclusions on this page:

  • The Untethered Soul-Michael Singer
  • Many of Chopra’s Books
  • Many of Van Praagh’s Books and other books on after life
  • Journey of the Souls- Michael Newton
  • Bruce Lipton Books
  • Virus of the Mind-The New Science of the Meme
  • The Seth Books
  • Books on the topic of Cancer
  • Younger Next Year
  • Transformational Journeys of Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Mastery by Joey Klein
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