What’s Love Got to Do With It?


I’m being called to write about Love because really love has everything to do with everything. Tina Turner sang, “Love is just a second hand emotion. Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?” Bette Midler sang, “Some say love, it is a razor that leaves your soul to bleed, a hunger, an endless aching need.” Dionne Warwick sang, “What the world needs now is love, sweet love.”  The Beatles sang, “Love, love, love.  Love is all you need”.  Emmanuel Kelly, a war victim as a child, courageously sang John Lennon’s, “Imagine all the people living life in Peace”.  And, one of my favorites is the project U.S.A. for Africa of 2010, which brought together all of the greatest musicians, many who have since passed, to sing, “We are the world, we are the children.  There is a choice we are making.  We’re saving our own lives.  We make a better day…just you and me….so let’s start giving. You know, love is all we need.”  What if all of mankind could come together as one as did these musicians.  What beautiful music, art and love we could make together as we each contribute our individual gifts.

Whether a musician, a lyrist, an author, a painter, an artist, a screenwriter or producer, the art we each create offers others a different view of our collective universe.   As artists, we give ourselves, our energy, our gifts, our agonies, and our vision to the art we create and in so doing, we are able to get outside of ourselves.  When that happens, we can only sigh because what we feel is indescribable.   And, if you think about it, as human beings feeling is why we are here.

For me, along with love stories and romantic movies, lyrics put to music are one of the very strongest purveyors of passion and emotion. Even though I strive to capture that kind of passion in words, I believe the power of the written word as a standalone modality is diminutive in comparison.  Yet, I find myself using writing as a means of recovery and discovery by researching, experiencing and simply excavating through my thoughts and emotions.   I write about things that fascinate and tempt me, an occasional flash of inspiration or calling to learn or better understand something, life’s circumstances or myself.  With perseverance, word by word, writing helps me to close the gap between Ego and that place of authenticity where my heart waits.

I believe that the expression, “love,” has been overused and abused until it is worn ragged around the edges by the ravages of time.  It’s a concept that is simply too big to wrap a few elusive words around, let alone our minds.  Love is a feeling of connection to others and all that is, whether perceived as good or bad.  Perhaps you could say Love is the passion for life that God breathes into each breath you take.   Poets, Authors and screenwriters have been trying to capture the essence of true love since the beginning of time.  This “Hollywood love” is the love that all humans long for but few will be able to find and or sustain.  I have lived passionately, loved deeply and even stuck my toe into the waters of unconditional love but I’m now searching for that bigger than life kind of love, that authentic first love that only God knows by name.

….to be continued


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