The Soul Dance




You and I met before we were born

 We sought each other on the other side

Yearning to create Heaven in Density

Mother Earth ascends more rapidly now 

Shaking and shuttering, she expels negativity

Her fury manifesting catastrophes in her wake

Swirling quarks of water and oxygen

Energy folds onto itself in infinite wisdom

 With a splat, we belly flop into physicality


  Exploring Soul purposes in a 3-D dream

 Our spirits soared blissfully through star lit universes

Tethered buoyancy by a silver thread

God sees himself in our eyes

Feels her pureness beating in our hearts

She breathes our first breath as he sighs our last

Actors wait anxiously behind the closed veil

for the dance of a lifetime

Freewill, the music of the soul

God and Satan, dueling puppeteers

Sorceresses, villains, leaders and sheep

Entangled to one another in a cosmic flash

Gunshots fired by the quiet ones

The innocent, unloved or unheard

That neighbors never suspect

Anger and Love the universal solvents

While darkness fights for its power

 Love has only to remember

We play small, forgetting our greatness

Seeking lightness outside, not within

“Hush, choose love…. listen to the warm”

We will hear his call once more

As she  whispers us home she asks

 ” And, how did you like Heaven?”