What If God Was One of Us?


I had a vision

Or was it a dream?

I searched my surroundings

But, I couldn’t find me


Everywhere I looked

I saw the face of dis–Ease

More heartbreak and sorrow

Than I could believe


She laughed easily

A young girl on the phone

Reaching out for someone

To not be alone


Her hair long and blonde

Her heart on the mend

She danced through the plaza

As she laughed with her friend


She passed the old man

As she talked on her phone

He was hunched over

And sat all alone


His hair fell forward

All shaggy and gray

His lips barely moving

His head bowed to pray


Where do I fit in

To this sea of madness

Awash with love, yet

Born out of sadness?


Was life once more simple?

They say that it was

I saw sorrow everywhere

But… I also saw love



It’s this thing we share

This slice of life

Whether a moment of joy

Or a scene of strife

happy girl


So where is this God

This omnificent mystery?

Are we the dream

And spirit the reality?


God, is that you?

Are you in there somewhere?

In a child’s squeals of delight,

His tears of despair?

o-HAPPY-FACES-570crying-childBrandon & Chad playing in fountain in Aspen

Are you the Seven Wonders?

The desert so bleak?

Tumultuous waves

Awash on the beach?


Is it your beauty in nature

Your words in each song

Is it your love that swells

in a heart tender yet strong?



Are you the madness

From whence I came?

My banged up heart?

The drug for my pain?


I heard a voice

From deep within

“It’s all me,” it whispered

“The beginning and the end.”


“I’m in the tears of grief

And each melody

Each drop in the ocean

The pain and the beauty”


“Ahhh, you are the Creator”

I said, “Now I see!

The Alpha and the Omega

The girl, the old man and me”

  imagesSB8LTR7Y 8490883764_5ce1b368c1_z  Peru 6-20-2012 10-50-28 PM

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