How Emotional Trauma Changes the Brain

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I wanted to share the following “Missive” that I received yesterday from Joey Klein’s Conscious Transformation Program.  With the help of Spirit, Joey and his team have probably been  most responsible for single handedly ‘saving’ my life after experiencing a lengthy despondency that once engulfed me.  From Joey’s Program,  I’m learning to manage my state of mind, my emotions and consequently, my life. After nearly drowning in a river of grief, I finally fought my way to the shores of that raging river.  Still I floundered on its banks for years, like a fish out of water, trying to accept my new life without my son and find a purpose to go on.  Occasionally, when an anniversary date rolled around or something triggered me out of the blue, I would find myself slipping back into that destructive emotional current, once more carrying me on yet another frightening detour downstream.  Over time, I became mentally and emotionally bankrupt from hardwired patterning.

Then one day, there it was, an invitation from my higher self that manifested in the form of a seven word email from a long time friend.  It simply said, “I think you might enjoy meeting Joey.”  “Why,” I wondered as my finger hovered over the delete button long enough to ask the question.  “Patti surely knew how out of control I’d become as the tale of life ‘wagged’ me.  Each day anew, I tried to line up those pesky ducks that clearly had no concept of how to get in a row.  I surely didn’t have time for one more duck!”   In the silence of that hesitation, it’s almost as if Spirit sighed, “you’re kidding me, right?  You pray, I answer.  How long will you ignore my support?”

Long story short, I have joined small intimate groups, as well as larger audiences who gather regularly.  As a result, I have been gifted with a higher vision for my life.  Joey is an amazing young man with an incredible life story that is awe inspiring if not downright mystical. Personally, the knowledge and the manner in which he presents information not only feeds my skeptical, scientific mind with modalities that include Neuroscience, Psychology and Joey’s personal disciplines but it has also helped me access a new level of spiritual awareness. Joey’s Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Mastery Classes are now reaching many corners of the World.  I would highly recommend this program as a life saving avenue for anyone for any reason.  If you aren’t able or inclined to attend classes, you may be able to reach his teachings with coaching calls and/or CDs.  You’ll find access to his website below.  It’s never too late to save the life of someone you love; maybe it will be your life. joey joey1

 “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”  ~ Alice Walker
Every life comes with its challenging events and traumas. Trauma is often defined as an “emotional event that shatters your sense of security or identity.” Divorces, physical injuries, natural disasters, violent encounters and the death of a loved one are merely a few situations that can create trauma when you lack certain life skills to manage the mind, emotions and physical body.Unfortunately, the typical guidance given during traumatic situations is ineffective at best and frequently counterproductive. Often times, people will offer such sage advice as “just get over it,” “toughen up,” “talk it out” and “time will heal all wounds.” However, relatively new discoveries in the field of neuroscience show that after trauma you simply have a different brain then you did before trauma. The way the brain functions and its actual wiring changes through traumatic experience and talking about it, being tough or waiting it out simply does not rewire the brain or return it to optimal functionality.For example, the most evolved portion of your brain, the prefrontal cortex that controls “executive function” can be significantly impacted in numerous ways. For instance, when you go through a traumatic time, it is common to feel like you are stuck and that life will never be any different. The reason people often have such experiences is that the portion of the brain that plans and envisions a bright new future is one of the areas in the prefrontal cortex that ceases to function optimally as a result of trauma.  It is also important to understand that even when the trauma has passed, full creative potential does not automatically return.The speech center is another portion of the brain that is often impacted by trauma, which is why you can be “scared speechless.”  It is also one of the reasons why it is so difficult to integrate a traumatic situation into a cohesive story with the rest of your life. Trauma can also cause an inability to stay in the present moment, a lack of mental clarity, disconnection from the emotions, numbing out to the physical body and difficulty regulating strong lower emotional patterns such as sadness, anxiety and anger. The good news is that neuroscience now knows that our brains are plastic, meaning, in layman’s terms, that whatever is present in our brains does not have to stay there. We can rewire it all with the right techniques such as the mindfulness-based practices we teach in Conscious Transformation. In fact, leading scientists are now recognizing that mindfulness is said to be the foundation for healing the brain after trauma. Unlike many meditation modalities, Conscious Transformation combines ancient mindfulness-based practices with the knowledge from cutting-edge neuroscience regarding the areas of the brain impacted from trauma and supports to retrain those areas for maximum healing and optimal function. For example, Conscious Transformation has practices to specifically train your brain to create a vision, tell a new story of a painful past and an empowered future, manage lower emotions, stay present in the moment, increase mental clarity and focus, and reconnect with the communications from the physical body. In other words, Conscious Transformation retrains precisely those aspects of the mind, emotions and body that are impacted by traumatic events. Through these practices, you learn how to step into your own internal power, seize the day moment by moment, and create all that is possible for yourself. I invite you to begin today by signing up for our free, nine-week meditation course at, which provides practices for mind, emotion, body and spirit. As a result, you will experience life through a wholly different paradigm where you become the creator of your internal experience and no longer allow past traumatic events to define you. Such empowerment is true freedom. Love, Joey