The Necklace That She Wore


Together they weren’t that different

The Ancient chi and the ashes

A Crystal born of molten earth

Ashes borne of passion


Now bonded with the silver heart

That lay against her skin

Companion to the ancient crystal

Its secrets wrapped within


She wore the necklace every day

Dangling icons of support and love

Symbolic vestiges for her broken heart

Seeking guidance from above


The silver heart held his ashes

A mere wisp of his remains

A whisper of another lifetime

Two hearts gone up in flames


The lonely thud of her shattered heart

Beat hollow against her chest

His heart lay quiet forevermore

A period at the end of his sentence


Twin flames once ignited

From the great omnificent spark

Soul mates danced a thousand lifetimes

A wild flame split apart


Reminiscent of Plato’s Split-Aparts

Scattered hitherto and fro

They searched blindly through the ethers

Hearts aching for each other’s soul


Their language was different now

Once synonymous melodies of the heart

He spoke from a place of lightness

As she felt her way through the dark


The little heart remained untarnished

Through all the sweat and tears

While hers searched the echoes of yesterday

As days turned into years


Three times the little heart was lost

And each time it was found

The discovery of its whereabouts

Mysterious and profound


And how many times would their hearts be lost

How many times would they forget?

Their delicate human nature

With all its mystery, love and regret?



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